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How long do you think Biden will be in office?

Asked by KRD (1770points) April 30th, 2021
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How long do you think?

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Another 7 years 8 months.

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How many years will Rudy and DJT do in jail ?

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Until the end of his term, unless he runs and wins again.

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4 years.

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Two terms, unless he dies first.

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At least about three quarters of a year more than Trump (285 visits to golf clubs)....

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It doesn’t matter to me so much and cannot be nearly as important as the return to some semblance of fundamental decency. If he drops dead tomorrow, this place will still be better for him having been here. Compared to the alternative, the man is our salvation.

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The full four years. I don’t think he will stand again. I’d like to see someone younger in the White House, perhaps a woman though I don’t mean Hillary.

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I like Biden but to me he appears weak and shaky. He is old now and he’ll be very old in four years. Still, if he is running again, he’ll get the nomination, I’m sure. I guess the answer to the question depends on who the Republicans run against him.

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Well, if he dies we get Kamala!

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Yes and she is one woman who will not deal gently with whackadoodle conservatives!

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I have no doubt that next to spending most of the day working, he personally along with his family and staff are making sure his body stays as healthy as it can get. Getting enough sleep etc.

Barring being diagnosed with a serious illness, my guess is he will finish his term without complications.

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