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"Which scientist said: "Anything practiced by people with high self esteem is ok, correct." Did Dan Riskin say that?

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It is not a quote though. What makes anyone think he said that if he did not? If he did, where can the quote (or so) be found?

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Or did he say “That’s is a ridiculous statement, Hitler and others, would have claimed high self esteem.

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Google is not aware of that saying, by anybody…

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@crazyguy I’m searching with another search engine with different wording. By the way it’s not an exact quote I put it in my detail.

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I’m not certain who said it. I was thinking it more of a Moslow quote if you wish to seek him out. Abraham Moslow, I believe spelling is accurate.

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@robbie2499 I’m afraid of googling it. I don’t know why anyone would say anything like that. Thanks for responding.

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