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How do you receive awards from Fluther?

Asked by KRD (1346points) May 11th, 2021
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Is there a specific way to receive awards from Fluther?

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There’s a list of the awards here with descriptions of how to earn each one. The only exceptions are the secret awards (the ones at the bottom with the white badges), which you have to figure out yourself.

A few of the awards cannot be earned anymore (Eeee eeee eeeee, Plank Walker, Autobiographer, and Old Timer), a few of them are broken (Channel-crosser, Circumnavigator, and Robot Crush), and at least one has conditions that are currently impossible to fulfill (Guacamole).

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I have three of the Atlantis rarer ones, but I’ve no idea how. I don’t really pay attention to those or Lurve much.

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Gather lurve (points) as you ask good questions and give good answers. Slowly but surely, you gain awards.

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Mine come in the mail. Wrapped in a Sunday comics page, from 1981 – and smelling slightly of pomegranate.

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It’s like asking “how do you receive dirt or dents on your pickup truck?”. And the answer is once again: practice, practice, practice. Leave the garage and drive around. The dents and dirt will accumulate.

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I once asked Lisa what the secret awards were and she said she’d tell me eventually. After she died I lost interest in them as well as the points.

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