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What is the best way to clean eyeglasses?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26585points) May 12th, 2021
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In terms of cost and convenience in usage. I’ve tried disposable wipes and cloth with cleaning sprays and curious if there could be other ways to do it. Please indicate which of the two I mentioned you prefer using and why. Brand recommendations are welcome. Thank you.

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@mazingerz88 I like to clean my glasses with water and use a linen
cloth. It doesn’t scratch the lenses. Cleans well.l.

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^^Wondering if that’s enough to clean the oil/grease in the glass. Acquired while frying in the kitchen for example.

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I use silk like cloth and spray from the optometrist. Spray refills are free! Cleans my glasses well, and I also use the cloth afterwards to clean my phone.

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Same as @si3tech. I have glasses cleaner but water works fine.

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In terms of cost and convenience, I make my own cleanser (half water, half alcohol, 3 drops liquid dish soap in a 3 ounce spray bottle. Shake it thoroughly every time, works a treat).
Old t-shirts cut up for cloth.

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Run the glasses under hot water, then polish them with a clean, dry, cotton cloth.

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I just use a soft damp cloth, or damp tissue paper. But I only need mine for night driving, so they don’t need to be immaculate.

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Put glasses under running water, use liquid soap like Softsoap and rub soap on lens. Put under running water to rinse and dry with soft terrycloth towel.

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microfiber cloth and eye glass cleaner spray

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A car wash company left two window polishing cloths in my car – I don’t know what they’re called – detailing cloths? They’re perfect for getting glasses clean – no liquid, no sprays, no huffing/breathing. Just rub the forehead and nose part of the glasses first to remove facial oils, then turn the cloth and rub the lenses. I’ve been using them for about 5 years and never washed them; they still work great. They’re about 24” x 18” and are dark green. The label says “Legacy”. Literally less than a minute and your glasses are like new!

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@mazingerz88 If I get grease on lens I use a drop of Dawn which cuts
it right away.

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I clean my glasses with shampoo in the shower. It’s a trick my dad taught me decades ago. I’m from a family of myopes.

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My optometrist gave my husband and me small spray bottles of 40% alcohol and a special cloth for lenses, and it works well.

We still use one with watered down 70% alcohol. The other spray bottle I filled with straight 70% alcohol and keep it in my purse to use instead of Purell for my hands and spray anywhere I want to kill germs.

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I’m another fan of microfiber cloths. We use them on our glasses, mirrors, computer touch-screens, and windows/shower glass wall. There is no scratching, paper towel or linen fiber, and if needed, a small amount of water and/or cleaner might be needed.

The cloths wash well and might possibly last forever.

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Depends on the type of eye glass. If they are glass lens, running water and any clean soft cloth will do the job. If the lens are those plastic hybrid things, you will need the cleaning solution that opticians sell, along with the felt cloth they give out for free. I use both types – real glasses when I go out and those plastic ones when I’m playing (they’re cheap and I won’t have to break bank if I break one of those while playing). I was told by the optician that water is best for glasses and not so great with plastic lens.

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I wash mine with soap and water daily.

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