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Good idea or bad idea: save a photo of your drivers license in your cellphone?

Asked by kneesox (2189points) 2 months ago
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If good or bad, why?

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Generally a bad idea.

If someone steals or finds your phone, and finds that photo, then they’ll have your residential address, birth date, and driver’s license number.

It might be okay if you can use a strong password to control access to your phone’s files.
Specifically, see if your phone gives you the option to password-protect your photos.

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I don’t have it saved directly on my phone but I can access a copy of my drivers license from my phone. I don’t like taking my purse with me every time I leave the house but I always take my phone.

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Bad idea for me. A soft copy is not valid in my place, so, it doesn’t serve any purpose if I’m stopped by traffic cops. I carry a hard copy of my license in my wallet. Even that is technically not valid but most cops will accept it.

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Naybe keep your regular driver’s license in a phone wallet if that’s what you always take. I’ve started keeping a debit card in my phone cover so I don’t take my purse all the time.

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Depends on your local POPOs. I’d run it by them and see what they tell you.

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I think it’s ok. Keep your phone password protected.

It’s much worse to have your purse stolen and they have your keys and your home address from your actual license.

I don’t think the police are accepting a phone picture of your ID as a substitute for your actual license though. If you’re driving I would still have your license on you.

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One thing I would add is that it’s a good idea to fill out your emergency info for first responders. You can include your emergency contacts and any relevant health info like blood type, medications, medical conditions, etc. Anyone can access this info from a locked phone in case you’re unconscious or otherwise incapacitated.

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Not acceptable. By law, all drivers licenses need to have a 2-dimensional barcode in PDF 417 format that can be read by their various barcode readers and devices. Most states put this on the back of the card; a few states on the front.

see this

That is considered an integral part of the license.

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It sounds like trouble, pure and simple.

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Wow, did not think of all that. Thank you all. After reading the first response I deleted it immediately.

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“If someone steals or finds your phone, and finds that photo, then they’ll have your residential address, birth date, and driver’s license number.”

And yet you have it tattooed on your forehead, einstein.

A lot of people now have your info, but luckily for them, they don’t have your FACE, LOOZAH! :-D

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I’ll have you know that it’s tattooed on backwards, Stefoolish Hawking.

That way I can read it with a mirror, and nobody else can without one! ;-D

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A picture of your driver’s license on the cell phone could come in handy if you accidentally leave the license at home and drive the car and get stopped by the cops.

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Bad idea someone else could use it.

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If someone finds or steels your phone then they will need your password before they can see your drivers license and other sensitive information.

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Good point @gondwanalon.

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