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Since people will lie about being vaccinated, and will print/buy fake vaccination cards, what is the best way to determine if someone is actually vaccinated, or is lying?

Asked by ragingloli (49007points) May 15th, 2021
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For example, you could ask them who won the election.

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Tell them that they are vaccinated indeed.
Well done, listening to the CDC, and helping reduce the chances of spreading the virus, and thus preventing an umpteenth wave.

They’ll go: “Whar do you think I am? A sheep? A pedo? A baby blood drinking nut?”
“No man, I’m totally, 100% natural, no transmitters in me, totally free of that crap vaccine made by Bill Gates”.
“You stupid Liberal commy Antifa fascist lefty”

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When they are in the hospital dying of Covid.

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In my area, North Carolina, if they are “open carrying” a Ruger or Glock pistol in the supermarket on their hip and still have the Trump 2020 flag on their front porch . . . they’re lying !

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Offer to inject them with bleach there and then. If they accept it won’t matter.

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Tell them you think you are coming down with a severe case of the most deadly form of Covid, and see how they react.

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Isn’t it a shame that we need to spend time thinking about how to defend against lying people? Is this really the future of society?

Unless there is some sort of national vaccine database tied in with the IRS and drivers license bureaus and various other agencies, there is no way to check.

And that takes us to a very scary surveillance society because the data will be misused.

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Since it is impossible to tell, I will continue to wear a mask when I am among other people.

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If you don’t know the individual, assume the worst. Then act accordingly.

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I know this will sound sexist – I don’t mean it to be.

Women need to stop mating with these guys. Period.
Make it a sort of pre-dating filter question to rule out someone you need to rule out..
We used to observe potential mates and watch their behavior to waitstaff and how they tip. Rudeness to a restaurant server was a data point for how you might be treated.
Now that we’ve been enjoying takeout we no longer have that option. I suggest we watch how they behave in public.
Is the guy vaccinated but wearing a mask to allay the fears of others? Nice. That is thoughtful.
Is she not wearing a mask because she has a medical issue?
Is he not vaccinated because he believes the false Chinese disinformation and conspiracy theories? Is he unmasked because he thinks he is better than others and they are all sheeple?
Since restaurants and businesses are starting to use the new CDC guidelines that are based upon the honor system, if he is unvaccinated and unmasked is that proof he is without honor? If he is lying about this, what else is he lying about?
I repeat, ladies and gents, don’t mate with these people.

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Same answer as @YARNLADY.

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@LuckyGuy Alas, your sensible solution assumes the fatally unreliable assumption that people will behave rationally. And nothing is more irrational (for obvious reasons) than human beings and their hookups.

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@LuckyGuy Your plan is flawed because it assumes all females are pro-science, pro-mask, and pro-vaccine.

I’d imagine there’s a good number of women who do observe potential mates and deem believing in disinformation and conspiracy theories to be an attractive quality in a potential mate.

Looks down on people for wearing masks? That’s downright making them ovulate. :/

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But to answer the question…the best way is probably to pose as one of them. Talk shit about this “plandemic”.

Ease into it casually with how you already had a really bad flu and probably already had covid. So you’re not scared of getting it again, because you already have antibodies.

Gauge their response. Then ramp it up to how the people who are scared should get a vaccine. That you’re not obligated to protect other people, just to protect yourself.

Sprinkle in some “sheeples” and “snowflakes”. Maybe wave around a copy of Ayn Rand and soap box about ethical egoism a bit.

By then they’ll probably be falling over themselves to tell you about how they avoided getting microchipped. And flashing their Freedom Keepers membership cards in solidarity.

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A friend of mine told me yesterday that a guy she’s seeing told her he’s getting a fake vaccination card from a pharmacist that he knows. I’m not surprised that these things are out there already. My friend got her vaccine, but I know there are many people in my area, which is largely a “blue” area, that believe that the virus numbers were falsified and they believe the vaccine is something to be leery of.

So how do you actually know? You don’t. How can you actually tell? You can’t.

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Here’s how I determine whether someone’s been vaccinated, and what I’ll continue to do – I wear a face mask within all public places, and I maintain social distancing.

In other words, I don’t care what other people have or haven’t done. I continue to take sane precautions.

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^^ Exactly. Unless I know for a fact you’ve been vaccinated or are someone I trust has done so, the mask stays on.

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That we actually have to discuss this has me worried. I can’t recall in past outbreaks such intense and widespread deviation in attitudes on the sensible approach. Or is simply that we were formerly better isolated from differing opinions prior to the internet?

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To assume they will hide their non participation is flawed logic.
Anyone determined enough to swim against the tide will, if anything, brag about it.

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How to determine that they got the vaccine: Easy. Watch them for any symptoms a day or two after they got the vaccine. They’ll have symptoms, from mild to severe.
How to determine that they are lying: Watch them for any symptoms a day or two after they “got the vaccine”. They won’t have any symptoms.

You could also follow them to the vaccination site and watch.

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I don’t really know – But unless they’re planing to sleep with me I don’t actually care.

I assume mortality and natural selection will do the sorting out.

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How about if you’re planning to sleep with them?

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@stanleybmanly – In that case, my credentials are available ;D

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The only people I know who are adamantly against being vaccinated are Biden voting Democrats, so good luck.

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“The only people I know who are adamantly against being vaccinated are Biden voting Democrats, so good luck”

What . . . ?

!00% of the Democratic members of House were vaccinated

45% of GOP members of House were vaccinated !

Source is here.

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The two people that I know personally that I can think of offhand who are not getting vaccinated are both die hard Republicans. One is positive that the vaccine has a chip in it. I told him now that Bill Gates is single, he wants to keep track of me because he knows I’m single, too.

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<——-Vaccinated Democrat that voted for Biden.

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@chyna: Me too.

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@chyna: Me three.

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