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What are your tips for living in a small apartment?

Asked by longgone (18219points) May 15th, 2021
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After six months of searching in a very rough market, we might have found our new place today. It has some perks that make us want to move in, like a really nice backyard. But it’s smaller than our current place, and we don’t want to feel cramped. Apart from the obvious (owning less stuff), what has helped you feel at home in a smallish place? If it’s relevant, this is for a couple and a dog – no kids.

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Look for the closest laundromat/groceries stores. Stock up on change for the laundry. Explore the neighborhood. Maybe get a Murphy bed.

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Switch to light weight curtains or blinds instead. Attach shelving to the walls rather than using book cases. In rectangle rooms, paint side walls a shade lighter than end walls. Find a full size mural to depict a window.

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Small scale furniture and good lighting.

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Make some things do double duty, like your dinner table could also be a desk or hobby table. Buy smaller things, especially in the kitchen – instead of a full-size food processor, get one of those little choppers. Also do what I’m trying to do – get rid of stuff. I moved into an apartment in November and still haven’t unpacked about 15 boxes. I can’t help but wonder what’s in them that I haven’t needed for 6 months. LOL

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How tall are the ceilings? Is it a one bedroom apartment? What in particular are you worried won’t fit well? Do you need more storage or concerned it will feel small?

Storage under the bed.

Drawers in the end tables, or do you have a coffee table? I’ve never been a coffee table person, I prefer end tables, and ottomans for my feet that can be easily pushed to the side and used as additional seating or put a tray on it to be able to set down food or drink.

If you have a walk-in closet add an addition shelf above the hanging clothes if it’s not already there. It’s a huge addition in closet space. I’m not sure you even have a closet I know many flats in Europe don’t. I use my upper shelf in my bedroom closet for extra blankets, purses, beach bags, things I don’t use often.

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Buy small groceries.

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^^^ Reminds me of the show “The Middle” when Frankie (the mom) ordered a dining room table off the internet. It was pictured as a beautiful solid wood table in excellent condition, and they only wanted $50 for it. So she bought it and it was delivered – it was a doll-sized table.

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Houses nowadays are too big in my opinion, especially in the United States. There is a lot to be said for living in a smaller space; it can feel much cosier and it is easier to heat/cool. The crucial thing is to organise your storage. Work out what you need and where you can put it. You might want to put up extra shelving in the kitchen or in a storage cupboard or fit a loft ladder (if you have a loft).

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Living in a 5th wheel here.

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@Dutchess_III – so no Costco-sized items, then.

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Actually, just ordered a compact washer / dryer set up!. I am beyond excited! People on Facebook are going to miss my laundry mat posts! Coloma got on me for calling it a “laundry mat” instead of a “laundromat.” Pretentious 50s crap.

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^^ I’ve never heard it called a laundry mat!

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Yeah. That’s what I call it.

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I’ve only ever heard the term “laundry mat” while traveling through hixk towns.

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Well, my town qualifies as that @canidmajor!

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Thank you.

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@Dutchess_III Please let us know how that works out. My friend lives in an efficiency for the foreseeable future, and would love some kind of at-home unit.

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I’m interested in how it works out, also. Just last month I was looking at them and considering one for my apartment.

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I will let y’all know!

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