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Do hair stylists and bartenders take interpersonal skills in school?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19326points) May 15th, 2021
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Including psychology, and small talking. Seeing that customers are more likely to open up to them?

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They do not take classes for it. They learn interpersonal skills in everyday life. Most importantly, they learn it on the job.

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No. But I kinda think friendly people are attracted to the jobs.

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My sister in law was learning to cut hair, all a many years ago. They were taught that they have to do small talk and their breath and body shouldn’t stink. But she’s a pretty awesome person and chatty. Part of their training and practice was working on inmates at a local prison. She totally forgot herself and asked the man ‘So, how do you like living in ‘XXX’ city?’ The guy moved his head and gave her such a look. She still laughs at herself when she tells this story.

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I’m a part-time bartender.

Aside from legal licensing & basic mixology, none of us really get the kind of interpersonal skills training you’re thinking of.

It’s a talent you bring to the job – Or not.

Most hair stylists freak me out no matter how caring they seem to be. Just a personal phobia.

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