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What are/would be the best feature/s on an escalator? See detail.

Asked by flo (13201points) 2 months ago
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I mean in whatever way except in superficial ways. And where is/are such escalotors located?

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Good brakes.
Spare, safety, cables.
Bouncy rubber block down in the shaft, in case all cables, including the spare safety ones, break.

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Cup holders
Dance mats on each step

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. . . escalator gang!

Music and fancy lights like Atlanta had on the people mover between terminals

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The attendants helping you on and off. Best one is at Snowmass at Aspen, ski on, ski off.

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An emergency stop button.
Warning signs to make sure shoe laces are tied and out of the way as accidents have happened because of shoe laces getting caught .
Lights on the sides of each step.
Rules about who or what can and cannot be on the escalator.( pets, wheelchairs, equipment)

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Thanks for the non jokey answers.
@rebbel what do you mean speed though? Do you mean the regular ones are too slow? For some people they are too fast they just use the stairs instead.

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