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Can wearing socks heal cracked heels, and how do you walk to prevent cracked heels? See detail.

Asked by flo (13313points) May 16th, 2021
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I don’t know this website:

3. Wearing 100 percent cotton socks to bed

Medical treatments

In severe cases of cracked heels, or if medical care is required, a doctor may:

“remove dead skin
prescribe stronger softening or removal agents
apply medical glue to seal cracks
prescribe an antibiotic if there is an infection
strap the heel with dressings or bandages
recommend shoe inserts, heel pads, or heel cups
help the patient change how they walk”

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Wearing socks all the time (even during the summer) helps keep your feet from drying out. I think it also helps to slather it with moisturizer.

Not sure about walking. But you’re not supposed to stand in the same position for too long. Or sit with your legs crossed for too long either.

Though it could also be related to other health issues like diabetes.

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Vermont Bag Balm on dry areas and cotton socks for at least 8 hours. If there are deep cracks remove dry skin areas, after soaking in warm water and soap, with a wet the pumice stone, rinse and put on cream.

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Keep your heels lubricated with an ointment that lingers, yet resists staining or soaking into your socks. Aquaphor is excellent in that it will prevent your heels from drying out with no transfer (when properly applied) to your socks or carpet if you walk around in bare feet.

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Cracked from dryness? I’ll assume you tried heavy moisturizers like Curel cream or Eucerin. If those did not work have you tried Vaseline? Nothing heals dry skin like Vaseline. Thin layer, put your feet on a crappy towel that you can ruin and relax. If you need to get up for some reason you can use socks or $5 flop flops to protect your floors. Try it twice a week for a few hours or while you sleep. Remember you can ruin your sheets, so use crappy sheets if you do it while sleeping. On the other days of the week use regular lotion or cream.

Note: on an open wound I would not recommend a lotion or cream, vaseline or Aquaphor (an ointment for healing wounds) is safe for that.

If you are prone to athletes foot or nail fungus you might not want to wear socks all of the time, it can just lead to infection.

Do your feet have a lot of calluses? That’s different than very dry feet that are cracking.

I’m not a doctor.

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Thick calluses on heels crack, and some people find that their feet grow calluses extremely quickly. I have known folks who have this problem. Sometimes a trip to the podiatrist on a regular basis is the only thing that keeps the problem in check.

Yes, they can do all the things mentioned in your quote.

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My experience of having cracked heels it the lack of water in the body.
Also for me it is seasonal ( winter months of dry heated air in the home).

I bought a pedicure ( Dr. Schools pedicure appliance ..the size of a normal electric razor) to clear off the dry skin then wrapped my feet in petroleum jelly and wore socks for one night , then the next day it was healed perfectly!

I now drink more water durning the day and walk as much as I can .

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@flo There are stronger more emollient creams which are for cracked heels. You must wear socks “all thee time”.Wash and dry feet carefully everyday. Slather cream on heels, cover with cotton socks day and nigt time. (change socks daily) If no improvement shortly or if there is discharge see your doctor.

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Thanks all. I was asking a general question though, after seeing people who have very plus plus deep more like cuts without the blood, and thought there must be an easier way than all the stuff already recommended.

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I’ve had calluse in my heels that bled a little bit. Wow, did they sting!

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The easiest thing is to buy an electric callus remover. They are fantastic. They come with several rollers and you don’t have to worry about accidentally harming good skin on the outer edges. It works like a sander.

First, use the roughest grit to remove the outer really thick dry pieces. Then second. Soak your feet in the hottest water you can and add 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts hot water. Let your feet soak for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Third, use a pumice stone to exfoliate off all the soft dead skin. Rinse your feet of any dead skin still stuck on your feet. Forth step is once you feet are dry use the smoothing attachment on the callus remover to smooth over any rough edges. Once done with that. Rinse your feet again and use a heavy cream on your feet or petroleum jelly. Put socks on and it should last you at least 2 weeks.
There after for daily care. Use the pumice stone when you shower and put cream on your feet right after and put socks on.

When you see they may be getting rough again use the electric exfoliater for a touch up. Just sand the heels down a little, wash and put cream and sock on.

You won’t have to start from the beginning with the foot soak unless you let it get bad.
Btw, I drinking water will help and it’s not a bad idea to massage your feet. I find people with dry heels usually have poor feet circulation. Remember you need them for your whole life time.

And the really easy way is get a pedicure at least twice monthly but personally I don’t trust how sanitary those public foot tubs are. I prefer to do it on my own and AC vinegar is really great at killing any kind of foot or toe fungus and on top of that it loosens all that dead dry skin without harming and disenfects and helps your skin heal faster with no nasty surprise chemicals. All natural.

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