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What are some real first contact situations in Earth?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19437points) May 22nd, 2021
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Like indigenous people from USA when they met European settlers? How did that go? What are some other examples of first contact?

We can use such meetings as a learning experience for when we have first contact with space aliens.

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Sentinelese tribe’s first contact with modern humans.

I don’t think our first meet with extraterrestrials will be that simple tho. Maybe, they are already in contact

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When Neanderthals encountered Homosapiens about 40,000 years ago there was some interbreeding before they went extinct. I’m not sure what lessons can be learned from that.

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Indigenous tribes in Melanesia who saw airplanes dropping supplies for soldiers developed a “cargo cult.”

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There has been contact with space aliens already. That is why the overinflated reaction to covid, and the push to get and inject a “vaccine” rapidly.

Aliens contacted world leaders. They have contracted for millions of slaves in some sort of trade. The vaccine is to protect for the destination.

World leaders can either submit their undesirables, or the aliens will choose indescriminately, who they will take. This is why the sudden open border to our south.

Remember the bill Trump was pressured into signing with a stimulus check much less than he wanted, and it was as thick as a set of encyclopedias?
It included a mandate that Mr. T expose the truth about space aliens this June? There you go, the pick up date for the slaves.

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I think someone listens to Alex Jones a bit too much.

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Well, if a small handful of cryptic old accounts or legends are to be believed, so called “first encounters” in the Americas did not lead to violence in all cases. There is a brief mention in the logs of Columbus, about an exploring party he sent out on one his first landings. These men wandered inland awhile in search of game and fresh water, when they encountered a group of tall white men, dressed in blue, who made threatening gestures toward them, and scared them badly enough that they returned to the landing site and refused to return. The local indigenous people made no mention of these people, at least that was recorded. So if these guys ever really existed, they must have had have had good realtions with the natives. There is a similar account in Norse Sagas, from about 500 years earlier and much farther to the north, possibly the east coast of what is now Canada or the New England area of the U.S. An exploring party of adventurous Norsemen, probably from Lief Ericsons group, reported that indigenous people whom they called the Scraelings, had indicated to them that other pale complexioned men were living to west. According to Norse reports, these people wore robes, walked in “lines” or processions, and always carried a “big stick” in front of them. Possibly Irish monks or clerics who had somehow beat the Norse across the Atlantic? No reports from the natives in the Saga of any conflict with these people, whomever they may have been. Unlike the Norse experience, which quicky went south with conflict, forcing them to abandon thier southern settlements. Interesting stuff. And where there is smoke there is fire. I think these reports have a basis on opposed to writing them off as wild stories made up by people who surely had more important business on a strange new continent than to sit around, scratch their butts, and dream up wild stories…

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The first Native American the settlers on the Mayflower met spoke English so that was handy…

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How can we learn from historic first meetings when people all along the way try to convolute or destroy historic accountings?

Good, bad, or just unusual, somebody is always trying to cut the past away and dispose of it.

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