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Are bulk foods and other "self-serve" things like salsa/salad bars coming back?

My local grocery store is pretty much back to normal. No more unidirectional aisles, no more counting customers as they walk in, bags from home are accepted again; the only restriction in place is mask-wearing. That said, early in the pandemic, they removed their bulk foods section (where you can scoop grains, nuts, and other items into a bag and pay by weight) and it has still not returned (originally it was just blocked off and the food was removed, but I noticed all the containers are gone now so I don’t think it’s coming back). Other stores in the area that had bulk foods sections have also not brought them back.

Additionally, every Mexican restaurant in the area that had a salsa bar closed it down last year and has also not yet brought them back. Salad bars and buffets are also still absent.

Do you think these “self-serve” options will be coming back or are they are a thing of the past? What has been happening with them where you live? Kind of ridiculous since I’d like to see one example of someone who caught COVID from a dang salsa bar.

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