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Would they change their perspective of each other?

This question is inspired from a drama.
(In a hypothetical scenario we have a male A in his 30’s and female B in her 20’s. They are both maternal cousins.)

Due to a certain situation in their lives, both of them hate each other to the bone, enough to not even want to breathe in the same air let alone standing in the same place. Even if they met, one might end up in a hospital.

A was somehow responsible for B’s husband and child’s death
and B was responsible for A’s leg injury which cost him his football career after working so hard to get into a national team.

So one day A and B are both kidnapped and forced to stay in a bunker. They both shouted and cried to let them out, instead they are given food to stay alive.

3 years pass… Do you think time will heal their wounds and they will see each other in a new light?

Is there a possibility they could somehow get intimate even though they’re related?

What are the chances they will let bygones be bygones?

Or will they end up killing each other?

Sorry for this ridiculous question. I just had to ask.

I appreciate the answers.

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