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Can mandatory quarantines work in the US?

Asked by crazyguy (3194points) May 24th, 2021
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The ‘quarantine’ of Wuhan, after some patients had already left the city for international destinations, succeeded in eradicating covid from Wuhan.

Similar tactics were attempted in the US at a state and local level. However, they had markedly less success.

My question is: given the fact that Americans are accustomed to more freedoms than the Chinese, can a mandatory quarantine ever work in the US?

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Probably not. Too many people value what they think is important and they miss the bigger picture of we.

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No. Americans don’t do things for the ‘greater good’ or that might benefit other people. (See socialised healthcare for example)

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@tedibear @lastexit So why did governors keep trying the lockdowns/quarantines?

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@Lightlyseared Americans don’t do things for the ‘greater good’ or that might benefit other people. Have you looked at Americans’ charitable giving versus the rest of the world?

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Yes but let’s be honest you guys just do that for the tax deductions so you don’t have to give the government anything in case they spend your taxes on other people.

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@Lightlyseared Last time I checked, our tax rate is not 100%. Therefore, in spite of the tax deduction, there is a portion that comes out of the donor’s pocket.

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@crazyguy I suppose because they thought enough people would have the common sense to follow the CDC guidelines.

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@crazyguy , because they were trying to get people do the right thing. They had a misplaced hope that selfishness wouldn’t win in the end.

This virus could have been beaten back, but the people who knew that weren’t having their strategy implemented. I suggest that anyone who is interested in knowing more about this read a book by Michael Lewis called The Premonition: A Pandemic Story. In spite of the implication in the title, it is non-fiction. I haven’t finished it yet, but thus far it seems like a fair and rational account of what happened in the U.S.

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