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Can you recommend me some title ideas for my book?

Asked by dopeguru (1925points) May 25th, 2021
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I’m looking for a thought provoking and sensory title for my book that’s about taking care of each other and nature. If we don’t, we won’t have beauty anymore, we will only have sad silence, death, pain. Story is set in a construction site where refugees and abandoned animals live. They’re making a prison there soon so it must be evacuated.

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In This Together. (It’s short for: We’re all in this together.)
Our Chance (This is our chance to make things better.)

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Homo Resurrectus

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Inheriting the Earth

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The Meek shall Inherit

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Careful Excavation

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Taking Care Of Each Other Naturally

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Now that it is possible to sequence our DNA to an extremely high resolution researchers have discovered that our genome has components left over from viruses, bacteria, plant life and other animals. All living things are related if you go back far enough.

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If you get a publisher they will usually recommend titles but my candidate is Goodbye Mother Earth.

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We Are All Connected.


Future Earth.

Where Next.



Nature and Life.

Unlikely Family.

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Start by learning the rules of Grammar. ”Can you recommend some book titles to me….” rather than than “Can you recommend me some title ideas for my book?.

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^^I don’t think English is the OP’s primary language. Maybe don’t be so harsh.

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^^^^.Maybe he is intelligent enough to grasp a full command of the English? And he wants to.

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I have no problem with helping him with the English. You just worded it in a condescending way.

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As Fault Would Have It
Blasé Urbanite (after the work of Sociologist, Georg Simmel, ‘The Metropolis and Mental Life’) here is a quick video summing up
Simmel’s Dialectic

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Humanity: Dead or Lost

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Noah’s Arc: A Learning Curve.

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The Can of Worms.

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Last Chance

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