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What to use to extinguish a spreading fire caused by a lit candle if not water?

Asked by flo (13313points) May 25th, 2021
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Edited to add (emphasized part)
“When Extinguishing a Candle:”

“Use a candle snuffer to extinguish a candle. It’s the safest way to prevent hot wax from splattering.”
“Never use water to extinguish a candle. Water can cause the hot wax to splatter and might break a glass container.”
What are the options?
And is there no other problem (other than the glass breaking)? I know the quotation/website I picked is not about a spreading fire caused by lit candle, it’s about how to extinguish just a lit candle. But that’s the only website I coud find related to the words “candle/fire”. It never occured to me that there could be a website on just how to extinguish a lit candle.

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If the fire is spreading, you can use water or a fire extinguisher to put it out. The only problem with water and a lit candle is if it is in a glass container as your quote shows.

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Your question and your details are contradictory. Extinguishing a candle is different to extinguishing a fire caused by a candle.
If you’re extinguishing a candle you need to be careful not to cause a fire from the hot candle wax.
Once you have a fire you need to be aware of what is on fire and what is close to the affected area while you deal with it to avoid creating more problems.

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The OP was in editing for a while. The last statement is part of the added part, I forgot to emphasise it.

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