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Is there a legitimate way to sell a used portable oxygen concentrator?

Asked by Jeruba (51849points) May 29th, 2021
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My late husband used a portable InogenOne for about a year before he passed away. He used it only when he left the house. The unit and batteries cost about $3000.

Is there a way to sell or even donate this legally somewhere? I know you can’t just put it on Craigslist. There are legalities involved. But I can’t devote a lot of attention to this.I would just like to put it where it could be useful to someone and also if possible recover some of the cost.

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How about checking with a local senior residence center? It would probably be a donation in that case.

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There are some here in my country who’d be ready to pay anything to get their hands on it. The pandemic has induced as severe shortage of concentrators in my country and price of new ones have almost quadrupled! Even though it is illegal to profit off a calamity, most distributors are doing exactly that. See if there’s any Indian volunteer organization near you place and ask them if they need it. I do know that many NRIs have formed volunteer groups there to send money and supplies back to homeland, to help people. So, chances of them happily relieving you off the concentrator is high….

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I had an Ox concentrator that I put on Craigslist – it was bought by a nurse who refurbed them and then either sold them or gave them away. I think I got $75 for it, but I just wanted to get rid of it.

Was it legal? Who knows…

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If your late husband went to any centers for therapy, could you reach out to them to see if a new client would appreciate buying one used?

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The OxygenConcentratorStore has a buyback programme for those who want to sell their equipment.

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There are medical supply stores; some may be willing to buy your used machine. It’s easy enough to make a few phone calls. @flutherother’s Suggestion sound like a promising option as well.

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Does the place that you originally bought it from have a buy back program?

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