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Should I send in the RNC survey sent to my house?

Asked by LostInParadise (28939points) May 29th, 2021
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The Republican National Committee sent me a survey. They incorrectly referred to me as a Trump supporter. I have no idea how they could have come to this conclusion. I am a publicly registered Democrat. The survey contains about 20 or 30 checkbox questions worded in such a way as to clearly indicate which answer would be preferred. Incorrectly answering the questions is not an option, even if it were politically expedient. What better serves my political views, throwing it out or filling it out and sending it in?

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Vomit on it, and then throw it out.

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No, don’t. You will be on their mailing list forever.

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I have very little idea of what this is or the purpose for it. Is politics so broken in the US that it all depends on that old ‘Family Feud’ show content, ‘Survey Says’?

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@sorry The purpose generally of political surveys and petitions is to raise money.

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I’ve seen those surveys. Ridiculously biased.
I’ve mailed a few back with misleading answers – with no money enclosed, of course.

I’ve also make sure to fill it out while eating and might drop a little food near the envelope edge so the high speed opener has difficulty. A little piece of a date “accidentally” got stuck in there recently.

It costs them money to print, mail, open and process the forms so I figure I cost them a buck or so.

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@janbb Ah….. As a person not involved in that twisted sickening system of corruption of money for votes, and votes for money, I will remain silent.

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It depends what would give you most satisfaction; answering the questions in such a way as to cause maximum annoyance or just throwing the thing in the bin.

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Since your answers will be processed along with hundreds, if not thousands, of others, by computer, it does not matter how you answer them – or not.

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Fill the envelope with confetti and mail it back.
I would have recommended putting a sachet of semen into the envelope, but that might have negative legal ramifications.

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Does the envelope have a pre-paid return mail stamp on it? Mail it back, empty, with nothing within or without. It will help out the Post Office.

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@crazyguy Now if you could only connect such sensible logic to your stupid voter fraud suppositions. The analogy should be kicking you in the tail.

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Infiltrate, and report back Agent LostinParadise, your code word is mocracy.

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