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Have you ever been given advice on learning some ordinary task, that you realized later was a guide for the rest of your life?

Asked by JLoon (5202points) May 30th, 2021
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When I was 16 and learning to drive:
“Be aware of your surroundings and ready to react, but don’t get focused on everything that might get in your way. Keep your attention on where you want to go.”

(Thanks dad)

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My Dad taught me to do good work, and not to settle on doing it as well as everyone else.

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I remember working on Heathkit (only old folks will know what that is) – putting together a desktop radio with my dad, around 1965 or so. The Heathkits were assemble-it-yourself electronics kits to build stuff that actually worked.

Anyhow, my dad said “just do it one step at a time – don’t hurry. If it’s going to work, you need to be patient and do it right.”

He was right then, and the “be patient and do it right” message has been a good one for 50+ additional years.

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0.28 uncle ben spider man fishing confidence You can do anything as long as you don’t give up on yourself.

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I had to take a course on Defensive Driving that served me very well in many aspects.

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Preparation opportunity and confidence. Is better than believing in good or bad luck.

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Righty tighty lefty loosie.

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Washing dishes at the sink. My Mom. I never once followed exactly how she wanted me to do it in detail. Her rigidity annoyed me tbh.

But years later in college, my female friends adored me for the way I washed dishes and cleaned the sink, the area around it like nothing happened. I ended up doing it exactly how my Mom wanted it done.

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Too many times to count.

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Omgosh, so many.
My husband on auto mechanics: what you take apart, line it up in order, so you will know what is next putting it back.

Grandma: treat all people nice, no matter who they are, unless they have done you wrong. You never know who might be the only person around at a time when your life is in danger.

Middle school teacher: I can’t answer your (anybody in class) question, if you don’t ask it.

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Measure twice, cut once.

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Sure. Every day. I use the Waking Up app.

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Does your waking up ap wake you up by licking the bottom of your feet @Caravanfan? Mine does. The prevert.

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