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Have you ever heard the exclamation "Ods Bodkins!" uttered aloud?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) May 31st, 2021
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I heard it yesterday for what I believe is the first time ever.

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Read it in a kid’s book set in the Middle Ages once. It is English but olden.

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Well, yeah, but only because we had neighbors once named Bodkin. They used the phrase, we used the phrase, it was quite a while later that I realized it was obsolete.

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@stanleybmanly Yes. Odd Bodkin. I had a neighbor who used it on occasion.
This was many years ago.

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Never heard of it.
I only know that a Bodkin is a type of arrow head.

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No. Probably not even in old movies. Maybe in a book, though. Doesn’t it stand for “God’s body”?

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No. But I like it.

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Yes, because of the 1960s comic strip by Dan O’Neill.

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“bodkin: [noun] dagger, stiletto. a sharp slender instrument for making holes in cloth. an ornamental hairpin shaped like a stiletto.”

“Bodkin point: A bodkin point is a type of arrowhead.”

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Only in the movies. In the same realm as “Land o’ Goshen!”

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I’ve seen it in Shakespeare. Used as an exclamation of some sort, seems to mean ‘Gods Body’ or God’s Bodkin (a little spear). I’m sure it was meant to be rude/bawdy.

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I don’t recall ever hearing it or reading it.

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