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What device do you use the most for spontaneous web surfing?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20614points) June 2nd, 2021
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Your smart phone?
Lap top?
Desk top?

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The phone.

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A computer; never a phone.

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Mostly my PC but sometimes my phone.

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Laptop at home and at work. Mine at home is technically a notebook, since it’s not got a CD slot.

Rarely my phone, unless I’m out and bored (like waiting for a car maintenance or something).

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Laptop. I use my phone to make a reminder about something I want to look up later.

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Laptop or Desktop equally.

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Desktop mainly

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Phone only.

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iPhone first.

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Depends where I am.

At home, desktop workstation.

In the car, my phone.

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@SQUEEKY2 My only device. iMac desktop.

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Most of my surfing is my MacBook Air.

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Laptop and sometimes smartphone.

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I used to always use my desktop.

Now I use the nano computer that was implanted by Guillermo Gates, when I got my vaccinations! ;-D

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Desktop. It has a large, high-resolution monitor and snappy performance, and a good keyboard, and a trackball mouse I can use for hours.
The keyboard and mouse make a huge difference IMHO unless all I’m doing is watching something (in which case I’d rather watch on a big screen, too).

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Dell Laptop

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