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Do you know of a exercise heart rate monitor that will beep or vibrate when my heart rate exceeds a certain level?

Asked by gondwanalon (20372points) June 4th, 2021
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I’d like to get an app for my Apple Watch that would notify me immediately when my exercising heart rate goes above a 90% effort (140 bpm for my 70 year old heart).

Can’t get the “Workout” or “Cardiogram” apps on the Apple Watch to notify me when my heart rate goes too high.

I’ve been using “Polar Beat with blue tooth” with “Heart Watch” app that’s good at letting me know when my heart rate reaches 105 bpm (70% effort) by stating “improving fitness”. But I need notification when I exercise very hard at over 90% effort. I can’t divert my attention to look at a cell phone screen while exercising (also sun glare is an issue).

I tend to push too hard into my heart’s red zone (over 152 bpm or 100% effort). That’s not good. No more than 90% effort is what I want.

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Garmin has the vivosmart HR/HR+ watch that supposedly has those functions. I have no experience with it.
From experience I can say the Garmin Forerunner 235 does not work well.

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Fitbit makes smartwatches and fitness trackers that will buzz when your heart hits a set level. And, you can synch them with your phone.

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Yeah I think you can link fitbit or other sorts of accessories to health that’s on the iPhone. Also the health app on iPhone is very useful for other sorts of tracking. If you carry your phone with you I think it will notify you if your pushing yourself too hard. Maybe if you can’t look at your phone up the volume of the ringer so you can audibly hear it while exercising.

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