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How do I get my I.D.?

Asked by Raven1398 (6points) June 4th, 2021
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live in Alabama and have my birth certificate but I desperately need to get an I.D. Whenever I go to the dmv they tell me I need a social security card which I don’t possess. When I go to the social security office the tell me I need an I.D. I’m caught in a hellish cycle and need help to move forward with my life. I can’t even get a job without an I.D.

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May require an in person interview here’s the steps !

These can be used if you don’t have a Driver’s License – -
Employee identification card;
School identification card;
Health insurance card (not a Medicare card); or
U.S. military identification card.

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Maybe this group can help.

phone 866–456-4995

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If you are a US born adult, you may be able to use your work ID or school ID to get a social security card. Read more here:

Then with the new SS card, you can apply for your ID at the DMV, in conjunction with your birth certificate.

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You’re getting useful answers for the most part.

A couple other things to have in mind :

• If you’ve ever worked and been paid a legit wage you should have been given a W2 form by your employer. That counts as an acceptable type of documentation toward getting a state-issued ID.

• Since about 1987 Alabama and other states have issued Social Security numbers at birth when requested by parents. Check your birth certificate & hospital records, you may already have one.

Good luck.

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