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Do you have a favorite Beethoven symphony?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30460points) June 5th, 2021
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Sure, the 5th and the 9th are familiar to most people because they are played so frequently – the 9th is played at many solemn celebrations.

In terms of intricacy and the clever weaving of different themes, I come down in favor of Beethoven’s 7th.

What’s your most admired Beethoven symphony?

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I’m not excessively fond of Beethoven, and I find the Ninth tiresome. I wish it didn’t win the annual top-100 all-stars on the local classical station every year, but I think people keep voting for it because people keep voting for it.

The one with the themes I’m most likely to sing along with in the car is the Seventh. So I guess you could call that my favorite.

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I do enjoy the 9th and 5th but there is no denying they are a bit overrated. My personal favorite Beethoven symphony is the neglected 4th. It’s more subtle and restrained than the more famous 3rd and 5th but that’s part of why I like it.

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The 9th, but my favorite Beethoven work is Fur Eloise.

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Elise. Für Elise.

My favorite Beethoven work other than a symphony is the Piano Sonata No. 8.

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Love the Piano Sonata No. 8. Recently I’ve become a fan of the String Quartet No. 13.

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It’s always been the odd ones 3,5,7 &9 that I favor with the 5th topping the list. But as I passed through toward middle age, like Jeruba it was the chamber music and particularly the piano sonatas that I find “motivating”. And I much prefer the 4th piano concerto to the Emperor. And you gotta check out the piano trios. Hot stuff!

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The third. It’s the one where he broke new ground and challenged audiences.

When I was a teen I was in an orchestra and we played 1 thru 3. 1 & 2 are similar, then it was a leap to learn #3.

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Mozart is more my style.

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I confess ignorance to most of Beethoven’s work, but it’s the 5th all day for me. It’s intensely moving and incredibly dynamic. @Demosthenes You’ve inspired me to give the 4th a listen.

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7th symphony, especially the 2nd movement. I like the odd numbered symphonies better than the even numbered ones.

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