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Aside from a pregnancy test, what are other ways you can maybe tell you are pregnant?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11639points) June 6th, 2021
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Not for me. Pretty sure I’m fine? Just curious

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There are symptoms, like nausea and breast tenderness. Not everyone gets those symptoms. Late or absent menstrual cycle is another obvious one. Also, when I was pregnant, I was horny AF. Horny out of my mind.

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• Your period stops.

• Your boobs become more sensitive and start to enlarge.

• In some cases there will be a milky white discharge from your vag.

These are the most common signs, usually within the first two weeks after you conceive – But we’re all different and sometimes the indicators don’t present all at once, or within the usual time frame.

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I’m on birth control so I am not worried.

I am just getting fat and it looks like I am pregnant and I stopped BC about 3 days ago because I ran out and my period hasn’t come yet. Usually it is right away after stopping. Haven’t had a period in 3 months though because I skip it with the pills so maybe it is just behind.

Absolutely do not want to be pregnant just surprised by how fast my belly been getting bigger but I suppose I need to lay off the sweets. damn

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@jca2 – Yeah, hornyness is just one more blessing ; )

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@JLoon I started putting all the pieces together and it was dawning on me. Then one day I was brushing my teeth and the toothbrush made me throw up. I said to myself “I can usually deep throat a banana, and now the toothbrush is making me throw up.” Then I knew it was time to go to the doctor haha.

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Breasts are sore. Especially in the morning. If you usually get sore breasts from PMS it could be hard to tell.

Exhausted. Falling asleep early.

Obviously, a missed period.

Pain on one side that feels like It’s right on your ovary. (Luteal cyst pain, not very frequent, but it happens).

Side note: every time I went off north control I immediately went back to my normal cycle. If you had irregular cycles before the pill then you most likely will be irregular if you stop snd not know what the hell is going on.

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@jca2 – I respect your banana skills.

@SergeantQueen – You may not get this horny, or you might. Just let us know. Because it’s for science.

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@SergeantQueen You can also go to your doctor or Planned Parenthood to get them to give you a test. If I were you and I had any doubt, I would want to know for sure instead of guessing. Then you could start making some decisions about the future, etc.

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I am not pregnant

Thanks all for the answers!!!!! Appreciate it

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Hey, my edit didn’t take. Ugh. So many typos. Sorry.

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I remember thinking that the symptoms of pregnancy were exactly the same symptoms of starting my period. Cramping and breast soreness.

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Have a check up to rule out an ovarian cyst. Usually they burst before getting very big, but sometimes they need to be lanced. It can make you puffy, and miss periods, but without the nausea and other pregnancy symptoms. If you have one, you don’t want it to grow, because the scar tissue can cause problems later.

I hope everything is fine.

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Other than a pregnancy test the only sure fire way to confirm your pregnant is wait 9 months and see. Anything is old wives tales and hear say.

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I am on my period lol

I jinxed myself by saying I was late :(

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@SergeantQueen – Yay! Now get more pills & stay safe.

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Frown face. So, do you want to be pregnant?

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You know for all of those years in Catholic school under the tutelage of those cell block nuns, I could never understand what prospects in life might compel a woman to lock herself up in a convent.

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I was in college. My period was a few days late. I wasn’t too worried about it.
Then I was in the bathroom putting make up on and this nausea hit me. I said “Oh no. Oh HELL no!”
Then I vomited the piece of toast I had for breakfast. I knew, beyond a doubt, at that instant.
I went to get a pregnancy test. It was so early in the pregnancy it came back negative.
Nurse was really happy for me until I said, “The test is wrong.”
Two weeks later….I wasn’t even out of my first month.

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