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What is the worst job in the world?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19437points) June 6th, 2021
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A reverse ikigai?

What you lose money doing?
What you hate doing?
What you are bad at?
What the world doesn’t need?

Humor welcome.

based on my previous question.

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Being a Slave.

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Slaughterhouse animal killer, or Steven Seagal personal assistant.

Too close to tell…

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@ragingloli – But…it’s steady work.

flutherother's avatar

Clearing a fatberg from the London sewers.

ucancallme_Al's avatar

The Queen’s genital hairdresser.
That thing is so old, it’s haunted!

elbanditoroso's avatar

President of the US (actually of almost any country).

Always in danger of assassination, and too much shit to put up with. Dictators have enemies too.

gondwanalon's avatar

Cleaning the grease trap at KFC.

TJFKAJ's avatar

Anywhere, any time
Followed closely by the fatberg removers

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Cop. Too many PDs hire morons or power trippers these days and those clowns make life hard and dangerous for the honorable ones. And I know several guys who are cops, and they will tell you the same thing.

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Prison guard

Mimishu1995's avatar

Sewer cleaner.

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Ted Cruz’s publicity aide.

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Removing old wallpaper from the wall.

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Afterbirth mopper-upper in the delivery room.

Any job where the pressure of meeting ever increasing and unrealistic productivity goals would compel you to relieve yourself in bottles/bags instead of taking a bathroom break.

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Hearing impaired translator for Biden. laughing with tears emoji

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Doing a job that you hate most is the worst job.

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I am pretty sure that the diaper changer for drumpf has it worse.

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@ragingloli And that job requires a gas mask as well. Got to cover the smell of all his bull shit.

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