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Should Musk be worried?

Asked by rebbel (33043points) June 7th, 2021
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For his life, for his money, for his reputation?
Now that, apparently, Anonymous has, in a way, threatened him.
Mainly over his, apparent, tweeting about crypto currency (and the subsequent fluctuation of the value of said currencies).
They are saying, in my words, that he’s playing with it (and it, apparently, has ruined people’s lives).

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Musk has not “ruined people’s lives.” Anyone damaged financially through his tweets about cryptos is deserving what ever happens because cryptos are a Ponzi scheme.

His reputation is already a mess, so no bother from internet trolls.

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He’s an asshole.

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There’s no question that billionaires have “worries” beyond yours or mine, so there’s no need to wonder if Musk SHOULD be worried. There is some consolation in the realization that he is almost certainly laden with worries to the extent that he questions frequently the efficacy around sacrificing the billions to obtain relative peace of mind.

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In my opinion, Musk is a genius. And, like all geniuses, he attracts his fair share of hatred. In addition, he actually dared to question the wisdom of a lockdown, and that is an unforgivable sin. What he did or did not do with crypto is just a tiny part of his persona.

He need not worry any more than normal.

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I don’t think I understand the question. Musk has more to answer for with The Securities and Exchange Commission. He uses his social media to manipulate the market. They tend to frown upon that. Also… if his is a genius… he is an irresponsible one.

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Musk have his own vision, intentions, views, and goals. He is working on his own ways and putting efforts to what he want to achieve. I think his recent social media posts made a huge impact suddenly but they were not permanent. There are things Musk cannot change, no one can change with just a post. The signal post is an example I’m seeing.

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