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What is Joe Manchin's goal?

Asked by janbb (59031points) 3 months ago
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Joe Manchin, the putative Democratic Senator from West Virginia, seems hellbent on derailing any of the Democrats’ legislative agenda, including the voting rights act.

Why is he doing this? I seriously do not understand. Shouldn’t he just caucus with the Republicans because that is how he is acting?

(I don’t mind debate but putting this in General and nasty or obnoxious comments with be flagged.)

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Get re-elected in a Conservative state, he doesn’t want to look like a liberal.

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Following this question as I have wondered what the heck he’s doing because I’m from WV. These actions seem to be recent as if someone is pulling his strings.

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@Tropical_Willie Why doesn’t he just switch parties then?

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Maybe big money got to him?

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Members of the GOP out number the Dems first time in a long time in West Virginia, like 90 years.

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@Tropical_Willie Where do you mean? Not nationally. In WV?

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I suspect there are many Joe Mansions in the Democratic Party. If he or Sinema weren’t there to obstruct/water-down legislative priorities from the left, others would step-up to do so (with such a narrow majority that’s all that is required). That’s why electing Democrats who take money from superpacs, corporations, and billionaires is such a bad idea. We have one, pro-corporate, neoliberal party in this country masquerading as two. It’s intentional to give the left the illusion that they have representation. The real threat to this is small-dollar candidates, and ultimately a 3rd party. That’s the one thing the Democratic Party will marshall all of its power and resources to prevent (the corporate mainstream media too).

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I know this will sound radical to many of you but senators are elected to represent their constituents not their political party. It may be that Manchin believes (as the Democrats have for decades) that the they should not eliminate the Filibuster and that, per the Constitution, elections are run by the States. I would love it if Manchin switched parties as that would put the Republicans back in power. Alack and alas, I don’t see that happening.

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Manchin’s Open Secret Summary. I encourage everyone to use this site when making decisions about who to vote for.

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I guess he’s just the Democratic equivalent of Mitt Romney: his function is to piss off his party.

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It is actually fascinating that no one seems to notice how consistently reliably red the politics always are in our 3rd world states. Why is it always the places where billions of dollars are extracted from the ground that are ALWAYS distinguished by people living in shacks above all those riches? Where does all that money go? And who do you imagine finances those politicians assuring maintenance of the status quo?

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“3rd world state”...from the guy whose state boasts Caitlyn Jenner. <eyeroll>

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You’re right. Intolerance is another 3rd world trait.

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“Third world”? What year is this?

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The year of the ox?

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It’s a lot easier to accuse someone of something if you don’t have to actually prove they did anything.
That and he gets his mug on TV.

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@kritiper That wasn’t clear to me. What are you referring to?

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He is trying to represent his State, and be re-elected.
I am not thrilled with him, but there isn’t another West Virginia Democrat that could get elected.

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He’s a DINO!

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@janbb Like so many, he says a lot without anything to back it up.

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@gondwanalon I truly believe that.

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To preserve our democracy.

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Manchin couldn’t tell you the difference between a democracy and a hush puppy.

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Manchin is a ‘thinking’ Senator. He is thinking ahead. Sure the Democrats could eliminate the filibuster and pass all their pet legislation. However, any ‘thinking’ Senator with a bit of historical knowledge knows that, however good things seem to be right now, the tables can be turned in a jiffy. And then the ease of passing legislation will belong to the other side.

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@stanleybmanly I realize you probably think I’m a hick from a 3rd world state that can’t put a sentence together.
But unless you live here, you don’t know much about Joe Manchin. I don’t know what is going on with him now, but he has done some great things for this state.
When one of the worst mining disasters happened here, the Sago Mine Disaster, Manchin went and stayed until the last man was retrieved, a total of 2 days.

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David Leonhardt of NYT writes that Manchin has reliaby voted with his party on economic issues but less so on non-economic ones. He reflects his constituency, which is to the right of progressive activists on issues like abortion and gun gontrol but closer to other Dems on wages, unions, healthcare, and infrastructure.

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