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What TV show do you like but you would be embarrassed to recommend to anybody?

Asked by Caravanfan (10559points) June 7th, 2021
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For me it’s the Netflix show Lucifer. I got into it because Lucifer is a Sandman spin off, and it’s mindless fun.

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I’ve been a Trekkie since 1966, I am no longer embarrassable in the TV department. ;-)

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Magical Girl Ore.
It is about a high school pop idol, that transforms into a magical girl.
But the magical girl form is a super buff dude, who still has to wear the pink frilly dress.
She has a crush on another male idol, who in turn becomes sexually attracted to the heroine’s buff male magical girl form.
Her partner in her idol group, who has a crush on the heroine, also gets the ability to transform into a buff male magical girl.
Various homoerotic love triangle hijinks ensue.

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It’s TOO embarrassing to mention.

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@Caravanfan You’re kidding! I love Lucifer and am not in the least embarrassed about it. It’s witty, sexy, smart and most of all…different! I also love/d Preacher, Better Call Saul, American Horror Story, Fargo, and Alone. (I’ll have to check out Sandman)

Survivor kind of embarrasses me, and <blushes> Big Brother really embarrasses me, but I stopped watching it.

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Gilmore Girls

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Say Yes To The Dress

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Long Lost Family. For some reason it hits me in the feels and I can’t stop watching them.

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I haven’t watched any of them in awhile, but I do enjoy watching those small claims court shows like Judge Judy, and Judge Milian.

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@smudges I don’t mind telling people I watch it. But I would be embarrassed to recommend it.

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Big Brother.

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@Kardamom Judge Joe Brown is hilarious! He’s the hood version of Judge Judy.

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Naked and Afraid

Two strangers, with varying degrees of outdoor/survivalist training, are dropped into a remote dessert/forest/jungle with only a machete, canteen, and flint fire starter — naked. They must survive for 20+ days before being air lifted out.

Supposedly, the camera crew is only allowed to intervene in a life-threatening emergency.

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I don’t know that I’d be too embarrassed to recommend to anybody, but might think not to recommend stuff that I’ve enjoyed watching but has reasons not to recommend it.

I sort of enjoy Lucifer, and am not embarrassed about it and have mentioned it to at least one critical smart friend, but I wouldn’t recommend it except as what it is, because there are many things I don’t like about it, too. And that’s the sort of thing I’d say about most other shows that are more or less in “that category”. There’s a lot of flawed but possibly at least somehow/sometimes enjoyable TV out there.

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@rebbel I’m laughing my butt off!

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The Mindy Project. The show is a crackup with a really funny premise. Mindy is a woman of Indian extraction, but thoroughly Americanized with every airhead stereotype attributable to American girls. She is an OBGYN and good at her job, yet cannot resist any horribly fattening food or dessert. She’s rather plump, yet convinced she has the “figure of a 15 year old.” She is also driven to pursue young, white, well chiseled men without feeling one bit self conscious or even suspecting any chance of rejection-

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The Mighty Boosh. It’s funny, but really stupid.

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@stanleybmanly Oh, I totally love the Mindy Project and I recommended it to everybody!

The other one I watch that I don’t recommend but I love is The Rookie. But only because Nathan Fillion.

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Don’t think it’s on anymore, other than reruns. But I’ll fess up to liking Mountain Monsters. So fake and scripted it’s funny but I enjoy watching their antics. So sue me… ; )

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“The Curse of Oak Island.” I have to fast-forward the repetitive and conspiratorial (templars, free masons, etc.) narrator, but they have found some interesting artifacts that demonstrate there were many different people that spent time there. It’s interesting to learn about their history. If there ever was a treasure, I suspect it’s long since been destroyed or removed. That said, they did find artifacts and some substantial structures. Knowledge is the real treasure to be found (if you can get through the obnoxious production).

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Maybe Survivor. It’s the only reality show that I can say I enjoy and have seen many seasons of.

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Nothing currently, but as much as I hate to admit it, I used to like to watch Howard Stern after a bad date. A few years ago I kind of got addicted to Jerseylicious.

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Superman & Lois. I watch it for Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) solamente because he just does it for me. They show itself is not good, but I want to support my man.

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@tinyfaery Yeah, I made it halfway through the first episode and it lost me when he dumped all the water on the nuclear reactor meltdown. Even I couldn’t suspend my disbelief on that.

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go to bed!

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Doom Patrol on HBOMax. The series is a spin-off of Titans (also on HBOMax). Sometimes it seems contrived. I haven’t made up my mind yet whether it’s truly contrived or just made to seem that way in a satirical campy way.

In some ways its seems to be the DC Universe answer to Marvel’s WandaVision.

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“when he dumped all the water on the nuclear reactor meltdown. Even I couldn’t suspend my disbelief on that.”

Does that not make a meltdown worse, by slowing down high energy neutrons, enabling them to split more atoms?

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@Strauss Doom Patrol is on HBOmax??? When I was a kid I subscribed to the comic! Mid-60s if I remember correctly.
Rushing off to see…

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@ragingloli No, it wouldn’t have done anything but turn into a big billow of steam. All Superman did was dump some water on it and the meltdown stopped. People just went home. Just watch the first episode and you’ll know what I mean.

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@canidmajor I remember the comic from that era. The same characters, but with a more modern, sometimes more surreal twist.

Also, Titans (not to be confused with Teen Titans) is also a reworking of the original characters, in slightly darker, more adult characterizations.

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