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What are all you Jellies reading these days?

Asked by canidmajor (18345points) June 8th, 2021
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I just finished Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir and need a new read. I’d love to know what you guys are delving into.

I like most genres, and about once a year I indulge in a “beach” read.

Quick review of the Weir: I loved it, he’s really expanding his range as a novelist. Recommend.

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I’m reading Perestroika in Paris by Jane Smiley. It’s a fantasy about an escaped racehorse who goes to live on the Champs de Mars next to the Eiffel Tower and who is befirended by a dog and a crow. Very light and enjoyable so far. Just finished The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie which I was very disappointed in.

For a real beach read, 28 Summers by Elin Hillebrand, a sort of “Same Time, Next Year,” was quick and fun.

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The Body Keeps the Score. I’m at the epilogue. This is a massive book, which tons of useful information about trauma and how the brain works in general. It also discusses some great therapy method. Unfortunately the last chapter about therapy theater is a bit too disorganized and I still don’t understand how theater helps with treating trauma.

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@Mimishu1995 If “therapy theater” is the term sometimes used for psychodrama you might find clearer information if you search on that term. My aunt was a psychodrama therapist.

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I recently finished The Emperor of All Maladies and it blew me away.

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“The Great Adventure of the Dirty Pair” by Haruka Takachiho

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@janbb thank you for that. I’m just annoyed that the book doesn’t talk about it in a better way, considering that other chapters are great. That’s such a disappointment.

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I’m currently reading Vertigo by W. G. Sebald. I read The Rings of Saturn earlier and intend to also pick up The Emigrants as these three works are said to form a trilogy. They’re genre-bending and combine fiction with travelogue and historical narrative.

I’m also reading 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann.

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Murderbot diaries.

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The Last Detective by Peter Lovesey. Also reading at the same time a nonfiction called Set the Night On Fire.

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The memoir When We Rise by Cleve Jones. I enjoy memoir very much, and I read nothing but LGBT literature these days. My memory is a sieve, so I read a book and instantly forget the title. I would like to be able to just pass you my Kindle and let you read the titles.

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Ah, @Hawaii_Jake, after chemo, twenty+ years ago, my memory became kinda goofy, and I discovered the joys of being able to read a lovely book for the first time…twice. ;-)

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I’m halfway into “The Retreat of the Elephants” by Mark Elvin. I had thought the Chinese traditionally treated the environment with more respect than us in the west but it seems I was wrong.

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I’m pretty much into straight history. When I read novels, they are usually historical. Just recently finished “The Rock”, by John Masters. A novel about the Fortress of Gibraltar. Or I should.say, finished rereading it..also a historical tome, “Napoleon in Egypt.” About his 1798 foray into Egypt and subsequent attempt to take the provence of Syria from the Ottomans. Interesting stuff. To me anyway.

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@canidmajor John Grisham’s Sooley.

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Braiding Sweetgrass by Kimmerer. Essays by a biologist about exploring her Native American culture, plant life, and raising daughters and how those things intersect.

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Thanks so much for the titles, I’ll be looking into a bunch of these!

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I recently read three of four of “King’s Dark Tidings” series by Kel Kade.

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