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Do you find it surprising that on a good news day, TSLA is down?

Asked by crazyguy (3194points) June 8th, 2021
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The power of the shorts is incredible. Today, Tesla’s sales in China for the month of May were announced, and they were stellar. Yet the stock price, which had been up over $20 in premarket trading, is now down about $2.

I find the drop somewhat surprising. Ona non-news day the Shorts would have an easier time knocking the price down. So why today?

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Bitcoin was below $32,000 earlier today. That’s enough of a drag on TSLA to bring it down to virtually unchanged on the day.

TSLA’s deliveries in China were up in May, but the orders in China were down by 50%.

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The news is there if you look for it. China is signaling it loud and clear that they’re out to screw Musk. That woman stomping on the roof of that model S screaming the “the brakes don’t work” in the midst of that prestigious auto show was no spontaneous fluke. Only an idiot believes an outburst like that happens spontaneously in China. You can bet your ass the show was choreographed by the CCCP. Musk thought he had a coup because the party allowed him to build that plant with no Chinese business joint partnership. The Chinese will as usual steal the works out from under him thereby cashing in on the adage that: a capitalist will sell you the rope with which to hang him.

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The share price isn’t up or down today on the number of cars that Tesla have sold in CHina. As a long term investor I’m sure you are aware that Tesla doesnt make money from selling cars. The last financial year was the first year ever Tesla made a profit and even them the profit came from government subsidies from selling electric cars. Teslas share price fluctuates on what they will do in the future. Given that Musk canceled a long awaited long range model S yesterday I’m not surprised the share price is down a quarter percent.

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TSLA is unmoored from its fundamentals and as @Lightlyseared correctly points out, it’s a speculation play based on future growth. Current sales/order numbers will impact the share price only insofar as they support or refute the future projections. TSLA has to keep hitting home runs to justify it’s current valuation, and it’s not completely crazy to believe that could happen as it would be with most companies. I certainly would never short TSLA, but I’ve moved on to other stocks (Desktop Metal) after making some great returns.

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@zenvelo Thanks. I had missed the story about the drop in orders. That story is much more significant than the increased sales in May; however, the story is includes the words according to a person with knowledge of the data. We hope the story is incorrect or is missing some nuance.

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