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What is the stupidest reason to censor a work of art that you know of?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20193points) June 9th, 2021
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I was watching this video and learned that a Chinese actor in Pirate of the Caribbean had to be removed in the movie’s Chinese version because China thought it was bad to depict a Chinese as a pirate. And also in Mission Impossible 3 they removed a chase scene in the Chinese version because the scene was in Shanghai and there were underwears hung around and China thought that scene made people think Shanghai was a poor place.

This reminds me of a similar incident in my country. There was a movie literally translated to something like “A Thug’s Life in Cho Lon”. It was overall your run-of-the-mill action movie, but it was quite popular because it was made with the care and budget of a Hollywood movie, and also with a plot unlike other local movies at that time. But it was never allowed to be released in theater. One reason for the censorship was that the movie involved too many “bad” people and too few “good” people, and also there was no police to stop the thugs while they were fighting, which could lead people to believe that the country was a dangerous place.

Is there any other work of art you know that is censored for stupid reasons?

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China banned the recent Winnie the Pooh movie, because people compared the character to Xi Jinping.

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Many Hollywood actors have been censored or blacklisted because of their political views.

On a different view, Donald Duck cartoons were once banned in Utah because Donald wasn’t wearing any pants.

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I’ve been thinking about this question. Probably Rudy Giuliani’s war with the Brooklyn Museum over a painting by Chris Offitt of the Madonna that used elephant dung as one of the media. Maybe his nuttiness was apparent even then. It now hangs in the Museum of Modern Art:

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