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I have a battle with my thoughts. How can I avoid that?

Asked by andrialee (20points) June 9th, 2021
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I am very nervous right now. I want to calm down my thoughts.

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Sit down in a comfortable chair. close your eyes. Take a deep breath while counting to five. Exhale while counting to five.

Do that five more times.

Concentrate on your breathing, as you take air in, and as you let it out. Then go about your business.

Take the time to do the breathing exercise once an hour. By concentrating on your breathing, your mind will not be “paying attention” to your thoughts.

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Do like I do and give yourself time, even days, to sort things out.

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i read somewhere to still your thoughts say to yourself.
” I will find a solution for this later but for the moment not now” and file it away for another day.

Keep doing this and soon you will realize that YOU have control of what you think and when.

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Mercury retrograde ends June 22, and June 10th ends eclipse season. Hold on and try to find your inner peace with yoga or meditation. The Aquarius energy of 2021 is throwing many people off balance.

Personally I go to my mental happy place and reduce stress. Best of luck!

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My mind used to be out of control. I live with a mental illness. I practice daily meditation, and it has cured my racing mind. I recommend it. There are many videos on YouTube you can use for guided meditation. I started with guided meditation, because just concentrating on my breath was too difficult.

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I guess it depends on what has you nervous. If you are merely saying your thoughts are going all over the place and you can’t focus on the real issue, then I would suggest compartmentalizing things. Look at all the things that make you nervous individually. If there is something you can do to eliminate them, do it. If there isn’t anything you can do about it, stop worrying about it since there is nothing you can do anyway. If there is something you can do, but just not right now, then put it aside with a note to take appropriate actions when the conditions are right. Even go so far as to think about what you need to do to get the right conditions.

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