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How do I choose the best career for me?

Asked by surya (42points) June 9th, 2021
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I’m 19 and a bit confused about what I want in my life? But I definitely don’t want to be stuck in the urban corporate life. Pls advise how do I find out what is it that I want?

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If and when you figure it out, please P M me and clue me in as to how you went about it. I have no idea. I can only advise you to ditch any enterprise or mode of employment that renders you unfulfilled or lacking, and to do so as quickly as is feasible.

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Do you intend to go to college? For better or worse and regardless of what you plan to do, a college degree is very helpful.

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Find something that you like to do, can do well, and repetitively.

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I’m i my seventies and still don’t know why I was so lucky to work in jobs that I like what I did and was good to great at it.
Get a college degree or learn a trade to show people you can complete an education.

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Take the job that you hate least and pays the best.

I’d also consider high-paying trades rather than college and a mountain of debt.

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If there is a community college in your area, contact the career services center. A community college will often have a certain amount of resources that they make available free to the community. Here is a resource called Career Coach. It’s free to anyone with an internet connection. You answer 30 questions, and it provides you with a list of possible careers. You can ignore the “program specific” information, and just focus on the results. You can also hire a career consultant if you have the money. One of the best books on this is: What Color is Your Parachute. It helps you find your “career passion” by exploring favorite elements from you childhood. Good luck!

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General education gives you exposure to many fields, both content and process, and the foundations of many fields. Getting your education gives you a chance to explore the fields and see what you like and what you’re good at. That will offer you the best clues to a career direction, especially if you have the guidance of some experienced teachers and counselors.

What you like and what you’re good at: those are the keys, no matter what they may be. Every field of study leads somewhere, even the ones that don’t seem to have practical uses. They do.

Something to remember about education: your education is for you, for your life. You’re not doing it for anyone else. Once you go to work, your effort is for somebody else’s profit. Right now it’s all for you. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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Get some life experience in all fields of interest then one or more will peak your interest enough that you discover which excites you the most and go with that.

An lady lady once told me that before age 25 is too young to know what career is a good fit
for one, however some do and those ones are lucky to know that soon. A lot of students go

through years of actives studies only to get bored with it all and then either change the

degree program or wait all together with $70 thousand in debt.( nowadays).

Shop around and gather all information on various careers.

As for College / Universities and so on , during this Pandemic times most

colleges/Universities are closing the doors to online learning instead, as they can get more

students with less overhead to worry about.

Most institutions are all about profits and not much on Education.

Sadly its Business people marketing Education instead of Educated with degrees.

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