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Is congressman Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) a living example of why science education is important?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30460points) 3 months ago
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In a hearing with the the Department of Agriculture about climate change, he asked if the Department or BLM could change the orbit of the moon.

How does a person get through college, much less law school, without basic science education?

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I couldn’t quite believe this but it is true.

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Yeah, he also asked if we could change the Earth’s orbit around the Sun…

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Well, you could build a giant rocket engine into the planet.
But then, assuming you could power the damn thing, you would add ungodly amounts of thermal energy into the atmosphere when you fire them up, turbocharging global warming, and, if you are particularly unlucky, ignite the atmosphere.

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But i think Gohmert can tie his own shoes unlike the Tangerine make-up guy (you know him he’s the guy with a Sharpie on the map with Alabama and hurricane track) ! ! !

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He’s probably referencing the conspiracy theory about China, global warming and the weather events that I’ve heard a few times from QAnon types online.
These folks need to stop watching ScyFy channel.

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According to some right-wing commenters, Gohmert is actually a stable genius who is supposedly not serious but trolling the woman he’s talking to, as if we’re supposed to all conclude this is a great thing for a Congressman to be doing.

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Just once I want to see the recipient of the question ask back if the originator of the question is a fucking retard.

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You elect these people?

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I just love that clip. It is just TOOOOO easy to label conservatives abject morons. Honest to Christ, it’s so boringly easy that it isn’t even fun. If you’re looking for the moron, there is ALWAYS a staunch conservative on the ready to accommodate your every ribald expectation. But seriously guys, let’s hope (for the sake of the country, since it’s obviously too late for Texas) Louie was being sarcastic and asked the question to be funny. This might be worse in that he has judgement so flawed that he fails to appreciate that anyone viewing him assumes him a moron from his already well established record. How are we to distinguish in his case, sarcasm from genuine backwater ignorance?

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He has to be a trump appointee.

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No. He was actually elected. I almost feel sorry for Texas. Already they are gloating about all the smart people relocating from California. Without even a clue that 6 years from now Louie’s sorry ass may well be in the toilet! It’s too funny to be believed.

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Well, maybe he didn’t say anything so ignorant when he was running for the office?

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Yeah, of course I believe that just about as much as you. This is by no means the first of the Gomerisms.

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Wow? How did she simply not tell him, that nothing can be done about that unless he personally can ask God to do that and he can also ask God for a brain. This is why I believe all appointed officials should have to qualify before running. There should be a basic exam they should have to pass in science, economics and policy and laws and understand the constitution fully. Once they pass that then they should go through a mental health check to run. Then after they should have a mental health check every 2 years to make sure they haven’t lost their marbles.

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Excellent @Pandora. But then they’d cry “Discrimination against uneducated, stupid people.”

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Those are excellent requirements, only Gohmert was elected, not appointed. And any such tests, would instantly detonate entire GOP apparatus, marbles and all.

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@Dutchess_III Then they would have to admit that they are stupid. But really. Every other job has requirements. Since the job of an elected official requires you to actually use your brain then you should have to prove you have one. People wouldn’t go to a foot doctor and depend on him to do heart surgery, so why don’t we have requirements? Imagine how much better our Nation would probably run if morons didn’t have a chance at power. We need people who actually live in the 21’st century mentally and who can understand 21-century problems.

We lose so much time, money, and energy and even lives, trying to get these morons up to speed. I really can’t blame the voters either. Seems most of the choices today are dumb or dumber.

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Excellent idea congressman we just need $50 billion a year for the next fifteen years and we’ll spend it all in Texas.

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Louis Gohmert teaches us that evolution is fallible.

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But really, this is just par for the course.
These are the same people that believe:
– that the Earth is 6000 years old.
– that 5G towers caused covid.
– that vaccines cause autism.
– that vaccines turn people into magnets.
– that vaccines have microchips in them.
– that Jews have secret space lasers.
– that the Pyramids were grain silos.
– that Televangelists can cure Covid.
– that injecting bleach into your veins, or shoving a UV lamp into your lungs will cure Covid.
– that vaccinated people are a danger to others because “they shed spike proteins”

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@Pandora….simple testing would have disqualified trump from the git go. He’ll. A 2nd grade reading, writing and spelling test would have disqualified him.
I agree. Some sort of testing should be required.

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