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How do I recreate this?

Asked by JustMeLol (28points) 3 months ago
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I need your help on a HUGE project I’m working on.

If you see the video or link above, there is something in the video I want help with. In the Bottom right there is a Banner. I want to recreate it for my project. You know, The Banner that Says “Next: Teen Titans Go!”, That Banner. If you can help to recreate that, I would be grateful! (Side Note: I can’t use adobe, so if you can. Please find another way that doesn’t require adobe or any other paid service.)

P.S I don’t own the channel in the link.

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Why don’t you just download the video, cut the banner and put your own text on it?

Also a bit off-topic but you can ask how you can create that with the tool you already have instead of asking us to make it for you. That will make people more eager to help you.

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Cropping an existing banner is technically plagiarism. Recreating it would need adobe or similar sofwares, all of which are paid for. There are no shortcuts. You either learn to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. It is time you learnt the ethics and codes of conduct of life. Nothing is free and easy.

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Do you want the banner to move like it does in the video clip? If you don’t care about that, you can make it so easily with Microsoft Word or something like that.

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Yeah, I want the banner to move. But if that doesn’t work ill just stick with an Image.

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@AK If it means to use a Paid Sofware, Ill do it but can you recommend a few Softwares?

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Update: I don’t want people to make it, I just want to know what Software to use.

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