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Why are the chat rooms not used?

Asked by TJFKAJ (535points) 3 months ago
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I don’t check in that often but when I do there is never anybody in the chat rooms. Never is a big word.
So what’s up with that?

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I have no real idea.
what you want to chat about I will meet you there.

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I have other things to do besides sit in a chat room. But it’s nice to know it’s there should I ever chose to go.

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Don’t know. This has come up before, at the that time they were broken and disfunctional.

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Well because there just aren’t many of us here any more. Not enough of a population to split it up between chat and the main forum.

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Never been a format I embraced but as others have said it has been busier in the past. There used to be 3 different ones, I recall.

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Yes, they are often broken so we don’t use them much, if ever anymore.

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During this second decade of the 21st century, does any still use chatrooms? The whole concept seems to be firmly planted during the 1990s.

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Hey I got it,lets have a streaking party in the chat rooms.

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Let’s not and say we did….

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We prefer to snark at each other in the open.

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@chyna There’s a couple people who I would love to take arguments to the chat or PM’s instead of the forums, that’s for sure. :)

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I asked that too, shortly after joining. One of the mods pointed out the chat rooms aren’t actually broken – Just dead, and I missed the funeral.

But if you want I’ll visit the grave with you. I think I look good in black…

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Wait, so do the chat rooms work or not? I usually didn’t enjoy the chat rooms because there was too much sarcasm and it went almost to fast for me, but I agree with @KNOWITALL that sometimes it would be great to move a conversation over to chat.

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@JLeslie they do work now.
Don’t know for how long but they do work.
Meet me there and I will show ya.

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Sorry, I just saw your invite to meet me in the chat room. I’m on my phone now so really hard to chat anyway.

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They work? I think every single time I’ve tried to use them, it looks like they work as far as recording when people enter and say things, but it will say people are there for a long time after they’ve left (perhaps just because it’s a web page which doesn’t really effectively detect when people leave) so it ends up mostly being people trying to talk to people who are no longer there, or at least aren’t looking when other people are typing.

The recorded time code seems something like 12 hours and 40 minutes in the future, or 11 hours 20 minutes in the past, compared to my local (Pacific / US West Coast) time zone, which may also tend to confuse people.

And it seems to only keep like 12 hours of history…

I expect it would work if people related to it as how it actually worked (like a forum where people check in multiple times per day), and/or if they ever happened to end up using it at the same time. Assuming it really updates when someone else posts. ;-)

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@Zaku I see your still in a chat room meet ya there and I will show ya they do indeed work atleast for now.

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Someone stuck in there, even as we speak…

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It seems to me it mostly just shows someone there unless/until they press the “leave” button.

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@Zaku So have you pressed it now and come out?

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God knows what might be lurking in there. Skeletons of the disappeared or a colony of ragingloli breeding in the dark.

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No. I keep closing the browser tab, or clicking “Back to Fluther”, but not the “Leave Room” link. It keeps reporting me as there, and I can say things and it looks like I’m constantly there.

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The best chatters are gone.
John Powell
Espiritus Corvus

Special mention to Coloma, hoping you are well.

Trails, you still out there?

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^^I was just thinking the mods should let Coloma come back. It’s long enough. I don’t know if she would return.

Your list pulls at my heart. So many amazing jellies gone now.

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@PattyMelt Awww Ibstubro and Adorondack were thebest, miss them both a lot. :(

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