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Is this boudoir photo more risqué than a bikini photo?

Asked by chelle21689 (7769points) 3 months ago
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I just got my budoir photos back and I love some and hate some, but it’s really cool to see myself in a different light since I’ve always been seen as a good innocent girl. I would like to share one of my photos, only the tame ones. I was wondering how many of you see this as too risqué because it’s lingerie even though it covers more than a bikini on the beach photo?

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Some bikinis being worn nowadays are so tiny that the women might as well be completely nude. That picture is pretty mundane in comparison.

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It’s certainly more than me or any of my friends would post online. It’s not so much the amount of skin, but…the pose, maybe? I can’t really put my finger on it.

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@longgone, what If it were a pose like that in a bikini? Would that make a difference? Lol I feel like I’ve seen more skin in peoples vacation photos but I am curious for peoples perceptions if they think this is “too sexy” in comparison.

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@gondwanalon I agree, this i chose where I was more covered and in a more tame pose compared to the rest lol though I think I can see people clutching pearls since it seems more intimate.

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It’s not the amount of skin, it’s the context. A bikini is meant to be public apparel, lingerie is not.

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Nope.Too risque for what?
It’s cute and your legs look great.Doesn’t show much boob at all so not comparable to a bikini.

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@knowitall too risqué for the public of friends lol. I rarely ever take photos of myself and when I do it’s headshot selfies so when I saw my legs I have to admit I was like wow, those workouts paid off. Thank you!

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I don’t really know if it’s more risqué or not, but you look great!

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@canidmajor so you’re saying that if you saw this it would be a “wtf” moment since it’s intimate? Lol

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Without a face, who cares?

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The difference between a boudoir photo and a bikini shot is the suggestiveness involved. Wearing a bikini at the beach is normal. Lingerie hints at suggestion. And it is that suggestiveness that is the definition of risque.

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Looks pretty tame to me. By your comparison, it’s similar to a fancy one-piece bathing suit with a cover-up. I’ve seen similar looks at a country club pool.

Nice set of walking sticks ya got there btw.

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@elbanditorso it’s only blacked out here just because I prefer to not show my full identity on the forums.

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Thanks @cookieman. I was thinking about that too, how it looks similar to some bathing suits I’ve seen out there.

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No. I am simply saying that the context is what determines whether or not it’s “appropriate”.

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Sexuality is definitely implicit in the pose and the lingerie. Where you share it is up to you.

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@chelle21689 I mean, I may show my girlfriends, but I wouldn’t personally post on social media. You’ll get all kinds of trolls Inboxing you constantly. :)

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Yes, it’s more risqué. A bikini suggests the beach while lingerie suggests the bedroom.

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Here’s the thing – for me at least – a person’s face is far more telling (and attractive, and informative) than her body. Her face is her personality.

If I all that is seen is curves from the neck down, I know nothing about the person.

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@knowitall I talked to my older sis about this because she used to have a ton of photos in bikini competition and a couple boudoir. My two oldest sisters lectured her lol she said she has no regrets and doesn’t think it’s wrong but she wouldn’t post it again because she had some weirdos hitting on her a lot(but her profile was public). I think I’ll just show friends and if I do share on my social media it’ll just be a cropped headshot cuz I like my hair and makeup.

Maybe when I am old and gray and no one wants to hit on me I’ll show it off of the good ol days and scar my future grandkids; hang it on my nursing home wall hahah

Thanks all!!

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@chelle21689 Yeah, it can get pretty bad on IG, ton of creepers. One of my girlfriends is a little on the heavier side but really beautiful and they are obsessed with her top half since it’s in a lot of her pictures. She pretty much was getting Inboxed filthy thing’s, so I think you’re idea on a headshot is smart. :) No one needs stalkers and d&%k pics.

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No. It’s sexy but not risque.

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The photo, like everything else, can only be judged depending on its use. It’s perfect for displaying the lingerie and great for showing your figure. It would be inappropriate in the lobby of your church and useless in any assessment of your character other than perhaps playful or frivolous.

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Take this from a gay man.

Girlfriend, you look damn good! Flaunt it! – I wish you could, but sadly, the trolls on the web would hound you to death.

I think it’s fabulous you took boudoir photos. That shows some self love. Cherish the photos. Share them with friends. Keep them private for now. I’m sorry I have to say that, but men are pigs.

It’s a lovely photo. You’re gorgeous!

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@flutherother ”A bikini suggests the beach while lingerie suggests the bedroom.”

Perfectly said.

I would add that @chelle21689 has a beautiful female figure, and she should be proud of it!

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No it’s fine. But probably best shared with your boyfriend or hubby alone, not a bunch of strangers on the net. Just sayin’.

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@chelle21689 What if it were a pose like that in a bikini? Would that make a difference?

To be fair, no, probably not much. But it’s very likely you’d get disgusting comments for a bikini picture, too. Maybe you don’t mind, and that’s okay.

Personally, I’d rather keep all but the most innocuous photos private. Once it’s out, you’re never truly able to get it back. I would not want a stranger to download sexy pictures of me, and do whatever they want with them.

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Short answer is yes.

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@hawaii_jake, wish I was brave enough to lol I will probably just share it with friends like “hey girl, I did a boudoir shoot *shows pics on phone*”. I don’t care if my photographer posts them or if they somehow got leaked but I feel it’s a bit different if I’m showcasing to everyone I know

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Nothing wrong with it, anyone finding that offensive or risque even, needs to wind their snowflake head in!

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I didn’t say it was offensive. The OP asked if it’s more risque than a bikini photo. It is.

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No one is referring to you, didn’t even notice your presence on the thread, til now!

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We’re all good girls – until we start asking total strangers how bad we are.

But hey, nice pic. I’d wear it to church.

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LOL @JLoon Wouldn’t advise that, but it’s your life. : )

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@JLoon Sweetheart, this fag will escort you to the church of your choice in whatever lingerie you deem suitable.

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@Hawaii_Jake @Nomore_lockout – Thanks guys! See you in choir practice.

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@JLoon Don’t take any bets on that. No reflection on your loveliness, but my churchy days have been over since I reached adulthood. I got enough Forgive me father for I have sinned, and Get a personal relationship with Jaysus, to last me a hundred lifetimes. Catholic mom, Baptist dad, bored shitless kid (moi). Naked nuns and free Irish whiskey couldn’t drag me into a church again. Mighty white of ya to offer though. ; )

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It’s a very lovely photo, but for me, it seems very intimate, and I would only share it with my partner. I think that is kind of the idea with boudoir photos, they aren’t really meant for public consumption, but that’s just me.

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Well everyone has a way he or she lives life you might see posting this for fun while others see this as indecent so do not let others opinion drive you to do what isn’t you

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@kardamom Yes I agree now.

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@jdgossip1 I am not that strong lol, I envy those women who can post sexy photos with confidence but I am not one of them. I am beginning to think about all the family who will be appalled. Maybe one day when I’m old and don’t give a care.

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@chelle21689 When you are old and gray you will look at the pictures and sigh…...

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