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Did Netanyahu switch to English to say “we’ll be back” to use words very similar to Trump?

Asked by JLeslie (61401points) 3 months ago
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Netanyahu gave a speech in Hebrew but he switched to English to say “we’ll be back.”

It struck me that Trump also used similar words, I think it was something like “we’ll be back in some form.”

Am I reading too much into it, or is it very purposeful using similar methods of speaking to their right wing crowd?

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It is certainly possible, and maybe likely. Hard-right Israelis depend on conservative American Christians and Jews to maintain US support of their agenda. They have made “supporting Israel” synonymous to “supporting the extreme right in Israel”.

But it’s not explicit. So he can deny and dispute the intent at his convenience.

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As in a conspiracy from right-wing (former) leaders to return to power?

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Who knows? Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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I think he was channeling his inner Schwarzenegger. (Terminator, 1984)


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@rebbel I realize I sound like the conspiracy theorist for seeing a pattern. I just wonder more that politicians use various tactics on purpose; actually studying what their cohorts say. I think Trump says what he says primarily for money and adoration.

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These right wing whack jobs are all on the same page, regardless of nationality. Dangerous bunch.

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It’s possible that’s what he intended, the two of them were in a kind of unholy alliance.

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Trump had a pretty good relationship with the establishment end of the US Jewish community, particularly the Orthodox community and the wealthy US Jews that tend to vote republican and conservative.

Not so coincidentally that’s the same group that is very right-wing, Likud backers in Israel, and Netanyahu’s major constituency.

So it’s not an unholy alliance, it was a holy one, wholly based on the appeal to right wing, conservadox Jews in the USA.

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The orthodox in Israel create all sorts of problems.

I recently went to a discussion about the region and the presenter said the only way it gets better is if the Palestinians surrender and stop fighting. I think he’s right. As long as the Palestinians keep launching rockets and suicide bombing it will stay the same or get worse, because it drives more and more in Israel to the right politically. Getting rid of Netanyahu is a step in the right direction.

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An interesting analysis of the prime minister change, from Tablet Magazine.

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@Nomore_lockout That’s the thing. He’s not a whack job. He’s super intelligent and articulate. That’s how he’s survived for so long. My prediction is that this government won’t hold and he’ll be back within a year, assuming he’s not in prison.

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