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What would make all questions/statements understandable to everyone?

Asked by flo (13313points) June 16th, 2021
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How do you make 100% of people understand any question or any answer?

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LOL, That’s probably not possible! Haha!

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Clear, concise sentences. Explaining why you are asking the question. You could ask “What color are eggs after they’ve been boiled?” When you really want to know why the egg you had boiled last week and peeled today is green. In this case you would ask “why is a boiled egg green on the inside after I peel it?” And in the details you would say the egg was boiled a week ago. Do you see the difference?

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You can’t.
Someone will always have a contrary opinion, regardless of how concise the matter is before them.

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Books are written clearly, And yet they are not understandable to plenty of people.

I agree with @snowberry and @ucancallme_Al

People witness the same thing and you get different accounting.

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Out of many people, most may get it, but someone will completely misunderstand the statement and they think the question doesn’t make sense it’s not understandable the way it’s written or said.

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Are you interested in learning why your questions are often misunderstood by several or are you looking to gripe? If you are looking to learn something, please read what @chyna said.

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If everyone understood and practiced absolute candour and also can read each other’s minds, we could get there, but until then….. Nope.

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@sorry even then.

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At least on this site, using correct English, and proper grammar would be the most important thing.

Being concise and clear with your objectives. In other words, what do you really want to know?

Adding some background information where it is warranted helps too. Sometimes explaining “why” you want to know something clarifies a question.

Often, if the way a question is worded is vague, unclear, or poorly written, it leaves the readers to wonder what the person asking the question really wants to know.

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So, it’s the person who doesn’t understand the question/answer who sees things correctly, not the perople who answer the question immediately.

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@flo You have missed the point. And once again, your question, including the misspelling, and your lack of proper punctuation, have made your question unclear.

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Something is wrong with the people who get the question answer without trying so hard.

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@flo What?

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“I don’t even understand the question never mind havigg the answer. Maybe person x, y or z know”

The question must be clear since people have already answered it.
“I can’t be a teacher if I have a problem understanding people with grammar punctuation.”

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