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What do you think about the two recent rulings by the US Supreme Court?

Asked by JLeslie (61401points) 3 months ago
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One ruling keeps Obamacare in place. 7/2 ruling to dismiss the case, and maybe to the surprise of many Barrett and Kavanaugh voted with the majority.

The other case allows Catholic Agencies to refuse working with same sex couples. It was a unanimous decision. I guess that would be any religious organization?

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More specifically, the adoption case bars the government (the city of Philadelphia) from requiring agencies it funds to serve same-sex couples.

The private agency was free to discriminate, but they can now do it with government money.

I think the ruling is like those supporting discrimination against women and racial groups – it used to be normal and accepted, and people had to work to make the obvious (to us) clear – that treating some groups as full citizens and others as something less is not consistent with the Constitution.

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@Call_Me_Jay Thank you for clarifying that. Iā€™m fine with religious agencies discriminating, but not if they take public funds.

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ONE ā€“ Yay!
TWO ā€“ Boo!

On a related note ā€“ when we adopted our daughter from China, the (non-religious) agency we went through did not allow same-sex couples to adopt through them. And yet, there were about 5 same sex couples in our group of 20 families. They simply stated that they were ‘friends’ on the official paperwork, but were very open about it in person and throughout the trip to China.

I don’t like that they had to lie, but the agency wasn’t trying very hard to stop them.

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Wrong on the Catholics.

Right on the ACA.

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One, fine.
Two, sadly it may take awhile to unravel that knot of religion vs love.

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