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What is the best free blog/website for a primary school reconnecting group?

Asked by Yeahright (3880points) June 18th, 2021
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I recently reconnected with my primary school classmates and want to open a blog/website to put before and after pictures, bios, discussions, etc. We already have a chat group, but I want something more permanent.
Can you recommend a site that would support all the above? Most free blogs would allow me the picture and bio features, but not the discussion part. Do I need to use a plug-in or something like that?

All suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance for your input.

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Why not just set up a facebook private page? Free and easy.

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Thank you for your answer. FB does not allow tabs for every member with before & after pictures, bio, etc. Also discussions cannot be labeled and listed.

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I use Discord. It has a lot of features that I don’t use, but you can make your own channel, invite friends to it, and you can post photos galore, and there are options for live chat rooms. It might be made to work for your purposes.

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Thank you for suggesting Discord—which I had never heard about. Not sure if that could work though. We already have a chat group, and what I am looking for is a place where everyone can have their tab with their bio and pix. I also want to be able to put all the school pictures and stories and comments about them. Sort of like a digital yearbook but also with discussion capabilities.

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There is a site I used to be on called LiveJournal. Might work okay. Check it out and see too. :)

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Will do, thank you! :)

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