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Have you ever used a school shower after gym?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19604points) June 22nd, 2021
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I didn’t feel comfortable showering without stalls so I skipped gym after junior high and high school.

I did however shower in university, in our dorms, because they had privacy stalls.

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In intermediate school (Grades 7 and 8) and high school, there was no avoiding it. Physical Education was a required course, and showering afterward was a required.

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No. We were all just sweaty the rest of the school day.
Besides, there was no time. They ended the class exactly at the bell, and you had maybe 10 minutes to get to the next class. No time to take a shower.

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We had to in Junior High and High School. School rules.

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We were required to also.

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Showering after gym class and sports events was not optional in junior high and high school when I was a kid. And you better dry between your toes. HA!

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We were only required to shower after swimming in high school. And we showered in our bathing suits. Never had to get naked at school and I’m glad for that lol

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I was lucky to go to private school—no locker rooms, and no showers. The school had an indoor ice hockey arena, so gym class was, “Go skate for an hour, but only if you feel like it.”

I’m grateful that I didn’t get the full experience. No child should be required to disrobe in front of his/her peers. If that practice were ever challenged as a violation of privacy and rights, I’m guessing it would be discontinued.

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It was supposedly required, starting in middle school, but I avoided it when I could (which ended up being most of the time IIRC), because I’d rather not be naked with my male teenage classmates. Go figure.

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It was required and I hated it!

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It was optional. You had to bring your own towel.
I did because I didn’t want to stink up the class and attract flies.
Most kids did not preferring I suppose to smell bad.
After games we usually just got on the bus and went home and showered there.

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(Thing is, I don’t think I actually started smelling notably bad if I didn’t shower after exercise, until I was in my early twenties. I don’t remember other kids in grade school actually smelling bad except on rare occasions, or those who rarely bathed at all.)

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It was not optional, so yes I did.
I didn’t really have a problem with it, just took a minute for my 7th grade brain to adjust. Some even wore the towel in the shower if they were shy.

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I don’t know whether it was required. After getting sweaty, taking a shower seemed the natural thing to do. I never gave it any thought.

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I hated it!
But there was this one time, the first time I had to do it, I accidentally, unintentionally, took my towel into the shower with me. This jerkwad kid who I didn’t get along with spotted me right off and said, “Hey! You’re not supposed to bring your towel in here!” (I didn’t do THAT again!)
But on the last day of school, this jerkwad brings his towel into the shower! I was already in and spotted him right off, and, without even thinking about it, I said, “Hey! You’re not supposed to bring your towel in here!”
And it felt REALLY good to say that!

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Should have thrown his towel under the shower head and gotten it soaked.

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We had to. The gym instructor took attendance by us raising our hands inside the shower stalls (just little individual cubes without ceilings). I hated to get my long hair wet during the school day, so I figured out a way to avoid the water while still looking like I was inside the stall. Managed to skip the post-gym showers pretty much all the way through high school.

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Had to.

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Once in a while.

Totally ridiculous that it’s an open shower during a time when bodies are changing like jr.high. We did have two private stalls, I think they were shower stalls, maybe they were just changing rooms, but it was like you needed permission to use them, or maybe kids just felt ashamed to be so modest and didn’t use them, I don’t really remember.

Everyone wanted gym to be the last class of the day so they could just go home. I don’t even remember it very clearly.

I remember finding it so odd we had to change for gym or take a shower when just last year we had recess and gym class in our school clothes.

I go from Zumba to lunch sometimes now! If I’m very sweaty I don’t, but I’m not usually horribly sweaty, and sometimes I bring a shirt change.

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We had a similar conversation back when we talked about having naked swim class last year.

Things that we did in 1968–1972 are far from what we would do today (50 years later). We’re a bunch of old coots now trying to apply today’s rules to how we lived back then.

Refer to this colloquy from a couple yeas ago.

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It was required in my high school but not Junior High. In fact my junior high didn’t even have showers.

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It was optional at my school. Most kids didn’t. We did have to wear the allocated gym outfits in Jr. Hi though. And of course change in and out of gym clothes in high school.

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@Zaku you didn’t notice because all the kids stink. Walk into an eighth grade classroom at around 2 in the afternoon, the smell can be overpowering.

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@zenvelo Huh, I’ve not noticed that. I was even living with an 8th grader or two who had friends over regularly, a few years back.

Maybe I’m just not sensitive to certain smells.

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^^ I think it depends on when puberty hits them.

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