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Did you ever believe in the Hermione-Ron romance?

Asked by kneesox (3588points) 3 months ago
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I found that development the weakest part of the series. It just was not credible to me in any way.

Funny how the willing suspension of disbelief worked for all the magical and sometimes very far-fetched elements of the stories, but there was no magic at all between Ron and Hermione. I can’t even guess why Rowling thought it would work and pushed it all the way to marriage. She didn’t seem to believe in it herself, or she could have put it across better.

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Who could ever love a soulless ginger?

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There’s no contradiction at all. Magic is the ONLY way it works. And sure enough, you bump into it all the time. Beauty AND brains tumbles for the gangly dork. It’s that grab for hope that sells everything from lottery tickets to those obnoxious Batchelor shows. It’s those implausible dreams which tender life tolerable. It’s why Disney died a billionaire, the porn industry will never die and the makeup business vacuum ups the bucks.

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Voldemort’s mother used a love potion on his father. It worked to a point, but in the end failed because it wasn’t real.
All through the books you see Hermione spun on Ron. Same with Ginny and Harry. Don’t try to rationalize teen emotions.
I should mention that J.K.R. did say she made a mistake, and Hermione should have ended up with Harry.

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I mean who of us did not assume from the outset that Harry would wind up with Hermoine in the end? The actual outcome to my mind illustrates what comes of our ambitions.

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@stanleybmanly I didn’t.

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It would have made more sense if he had been smitten with her, and tried to win her over, and eventually wore her down, but he didn’t. He was a bore, and showed zero interest in her, and wasn’t interesting himself. Harry and Hermione had a connection, that didn’t exist with Ron.

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@Kardamom That isn’t true. Ron was smitten, but felt inadequate.

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To me there was zero chemistry ever with Ron, although he did get kinda hot at the end.
Agree with @kardamom.

-a soulless ginger, that’s great @loli

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I could see it coming when she was so jealous of him, but not as strong as it turned out.

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Wouldn’t it have been more interesting if she had, say, fallen for Draco Malfoy (seeing his potential, maybe, or simply being drawn to the bad boy and thinking she could reform him, as a project) instead of getting worked up over hats for elves? or if she’d had a major crush on Prof. Snape?

I loved Harry, but I thought he was a little too average for her, and Ron was even duller. It just felt to me like in this part of the story Rowling was pushing the pieces around on a game board by brute force and not letting the characters go where they wanted to go.

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Edward. Oops, wrong website. Sorry.

I mean Jacob. Hee hee

No, seriously. Edward.

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@kneesox I’ve never dated a blond in my entire life, but Draco from HP would have been amazing. He was pretty conflicted on the good vs evil, too. Easily converted by love. haha!

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Looking back, I think I had the impression that somewhere in the story there began a slow-boil attraction between them. I was surprised, but in a ‘I should have seen that coming!’ way. I didn’t want Harry and Hermione getting together; that would have been too predictable and stale. She and Ron may not have been an obvious match, but the heart wants what it wants.

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Yes, yes I did!

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