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Does your company give assessment reports on your performance?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19622points) June 25th, 2021
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Other than school I have never had that?
What professions have that requirement?

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It’s by employer, not by profession, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a formal one anywhere I’ve worked.

Microsoft has (had?) competitive reviews, where employees are rated in comparison to their co-workers, which seems to me to be an atrocious idea.

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They used to maybe five years ago, not anymore.

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I worked in the medical field, usually in a hospital, and we always had an annual review. Depending on the review, it was followed by a raise. They simply went hand-in-hand. I’d be surprised if it was done away with.

I’ve never heard of schools doing performance reviews. Do you mean students or the employees?

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@smudges The students.

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When I worked for a large automotive company we had annual appraisals. I evaluated my employees and my bosses evaluated me. Everyone hated doing it but it was admittedly a good chance to sit and talk about goals, accomplishments, ideas and areas of improvement.

As a manager, my evaluation was called a 360 degree eval. I was evaluated by my bosses, peers and employees. That certainly lets you know where you stand.

We managers had to do a forced ranking that put our employees into quartile bins. Bonuses and/or raises were handed out according to the quartile. That was a painful process.

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I remember being evaluated in grades 1–6 with regard to attendance, getting along with others, and some others things every quarter/semester, but that ended after 6th grade and was never done again as I recall. Must be different in Canada.

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@smudges Kindergarten was a full assessment of social skills ect. In junior high and above the teacher only had two lines per subject, on the report card. Mine was usually absences affecting progress and disrupts class. I had a math teacher in grade 10 who gave me an ” a pleasure to teach”

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@RedDeerGuy1 Are you talking about Uloop? Where students give professors a grade?

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@KNOWITALL No, but now that you mention it I will include it.

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I’m in media.

I know that City staff in my city get performance reviews as they get a 3% annual raise, so we wanted them to earn it, not just stay in a job being lazy knowing they get it.

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At the university, I get evaluated by my students at the end of each semester. They fill out an online survey the last week of classes which goes to the provost.

I also get evaluated at the end of each school year by the dean. This is based on a yearly report I have to complete on curriculum development, service to the college, professional development, etc. – plus classroom observations by the dean.

Every four years, they also review your metrics to see how many students sign up for your classes, your pass/fail rate, student persistence rates, etc.

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