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Who can the Republicans find to run for the Presidency in 2024?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) June 26th, 2021
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The great pumpkin looms as the threat to disrupt it all. But the legal prosecutions and civil actions against him should tangle him inextricably by then.

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I think Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, is already running.

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Ted Cruz probably thinks he would make a good President.

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^^ That’s what he gets for doing his own thinking.

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Marjorie Whatshername.

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I think her last name is Greensnot.

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It is going to be another sleazy white guy. Probably a drumpf re-run.
If not, he will be as close to the character of drumpf as possible.
Loud, brash, arrogant, anti-intellectual, aggressive, insulting, offensive.
Sure, they will have their token female and minority candidates, but they will not get the nomination.
In the last primaries, Ben Carson, the token black candidate, got less than 3% of the vote.
Carly Fiorina, token female, less than a 1/5th of a percent.

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I think that Godfather Pizza guy died, so we can’t pick him.

I would pick James Earl Jones, if he was Republican. Or someone with a great voice and excellent public speaking skills and humor like Ronald Reagan.

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Matt Hancock

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Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley or Rick DeSantis. Maybe Nikki Haley. She can be there female and minority rolled into one.

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I like Ron Hubbard owner of Atlas Survival Shelters. He has a great voice from his YouTube videos. He is definitely a republican, and a great public speaker, funny, and reliable.

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Either Trump or his son. Whoever it ends up being, they will have to be a loyal Trumpist.

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Don Jr., if he ain’t in jail.

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Vladimir Putin, maybe

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Condoleeza Rice

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Oamarosa Manigault Newman.

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Mitt Romney.

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