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Band Aid on Covid Vaccine?

Asked by meowmachine44 (28points) 2 months ago
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OK, after I got the covid vaccine, the nurse didn’t apply the band aid on the right spot. I didn’t notice it until a family member pointed out that there was a spot of blood on my shirt sleeve .-. So turns out I left the area I got injected uncovered for almost 3 hours. Should I be worried?
Thanks :)

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I’d only be worried about the shirt. And thank you and congratulations on getting the vaccine.

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Hydrogen-Peroxide with help the stain on the shirt, I wore a red T-shirt both times. ;>)

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Got it, thank you all :D

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FWIW I get allergy shots every 4–6 weeks or so and I always refuse the band aids. I forget about them and they come off in the shower.

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@Caravanfan they didn’t even offer me one with my vaccination or my annual flu shots or my allergy shots. A good smooth jab won’t bleed. Anyway it’s not as much fun as it used to be when you got a Snoopy band-aid or one with pirates on it or stars. How are plain band-aids going to get you better faster?

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Maybe. If it didn’t bleed.

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Slight localized bleeding like you experienced is actually a good sign.

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@kritiper If they offered Batman bandaids at my allergist I’d totally wear them.

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@Caravanfan, did you mean that for me?

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I would wear a snoopy bandaid.

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@kneesox Yep. Sorry. They both pulled up with I did the @k

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Only about the shirt.

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