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For those of you who have children or grandchildren in sports. Have you ever gotten aggravated because the parents stick their nose into a game, or argue with the coach?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7577points) July 1st, 2021
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My middle grandson was in community league baseball, and they almost had to forfeit a game last week because of two incidents of parents attacking the coach, verbally, on the field. Do you feel this is total B.S.?

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We were on the verge of winning community league playoffs, so we could move on to district championships. After two episodes of stupid parents yelling at the coach, the official stepped on the field, blew their whistle, and stated in no uncertain terms, that any more incidents and our team would automatically forfeit the game. Even though we were actually wining. Luckily they shut the F up after that, and we did win.

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My kids played soccer, my daughter played all the way through 8th grade. We had a few parents complain their kid wasn’t playing enough, but the league already had rules about each kid getting playing time- no one got to play the whole game unless every kid had played ¾ of the game

For some unknown to me reason, baseball seems to bring it out more, maybe because so much of the defense of baseball is standing around while only 2 of 8 players are continually active.

Parents around here that attack a coach are shunned here, and coaches are supported. And the coaches and parents are quick to point out that they are volunteers and are willing to let others coach, or else STFU.

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@zenvelo I have noticed that as well. Both of my grand daughters play soccer, and as a rule parents aren’t as bad in soccer as they are in baseball. When I was a kid, I never played ball until I got to Jr. High. My dad never let me play Little League, because he said the parents always getting involved and causing problems. I always thought he was just telling me that because he was too cheap to pay the fees, but as I grew into adulthood and had kids and grand kids of my own, I came to realize he was spot on about that. I’ve seen it myself more time than I care to remember. But baseball does seem to be the worst. Thank you for the input.

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