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What are some classic music pieces about the family?

Asked by FnuLnu (97points) July 5th, 2021
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Dear Fluther users,
a while ago I was looking for some classic music pieces about the family,
however I still can’t seem to get the desired results via search engines.

Thus far I know of “Ou peut-on etre mieux qu’au sein de la famille”,
from the play Lucile written by Marmontel & scored by Grétry,
the former existance of the “carmina convivalia”, tibiae-accompanied Roman chants about family ancestors and the legends surrounding them , of which only some scarce referencing survived to our days (and of course, no notation…), the “Symphonia Domestica” by Richard Strauß, and the ”“Siegfried Idyll” by Wagner.

Open to ancient, medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic periods, orchestral, opera, marching band, hymns, court music, instrumental or with vocals, the more the merrier. ~

Thank you very much indeed for your time&patience,
have a good day/night. Cheers!~

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@snowberry I think the OP is asking about classical music.

How about Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker which is about the children’s Christmas Eve? Or perhaps The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart?

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Hansel and Gretel, an opera by Engelbert Humperdink. Honest, that was his name!

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The Merry Widow by Franz Lehár

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Did you ever hear of Sweet Betsy from Pike?
Who crossed the wide prairie with her husband Ike?

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In a cavern, in a canyon
excavating for a mine,
lived a miner, a Forty-niner
and his daughter, Clemintine.

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Kindertotenlieder – Gustav Mahler

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I joined just today, and several answers are coming in already!
This is ten thousand times better than silly you-must-use-your-name-Quora!
Thank you, everyone!

P.s.: Don’t be timid, feel free to write an answer!~

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… kinda wish I could add more keywords/topics/tags to the question…

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@eceryone In the first question the OP said they wanted “classical” music about the family. Then below it they expanded it to include marching bands, among others. That means that any songs about the family are ok (which would include folk songs and children’s songs).

I searched for “hymns by topic” and found this:

When i searched for songs for Mother’s Day, I found this:

Then I searched for songs for Father’s Day:
There were many links to choose from.

I searched for songs about siblings, brothers, sisters, etc, and found many more links. Here are a bunch of songs about grandparents.

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@snowberry… oh… I thought marching music
fit in the broad classic cathegory…
perhaps I’m mistaken…? (”._.)

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YouTube says theres classical marching band music, but I never thought of it that way. Does marching band music have words to the songs?

Would Peter and the Wolf fit your criteria? There’s a little boy and there’s a grandmother as I recall, but the story is narrated, not sung.

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@snowberry That’s a wonderful suggestion. Peter and the Wolf is a great introduction to classical music for children.

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@FnuLnu My mother introduced me to The Grand Canyon Suite when I was a little girl, and she helped me imagine the little burro on the trail he made. I practically wore that record out.

Only problem is, it’s not about the family. What are you planning to do with this music? Do you want to teach children to enjoy classical music? If so, consider showing them Disney’s Fantasia (a movie).

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