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Is it okay to insert topics/keywords/tags in other languages within a question here on Fluther?

Asked by FnuLnu (97points) July 5th, 2021
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You know, the ones that come after the details section. (I’m new)
Thank you very much indeed in advance!

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I’m trying to understand what you’re asking or talking about. Can you give us an example?

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Let’s say – pardon, type – I’m making a new question here on Fluther.
I reach the topics section, where I may add some keywords.
Let’s assume the question involves cooking…
would I be allowed to add keywords in multiple languages other than English (cuisine, cucina, cocina…)?

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Yes, you can. You can create tags for just about anything. But I don’t recommend it. Fluther is an English websites and all of us use English, so a tag in another language would be very confusing and inconvenient for everyone. Think about it: what is the point of a tag if it’s unreadable by virtually everyone? And I think the mob can delete tags too, but I’m not sure about that.

For all veteran jellies here: imagine what it would look like if I started using my language for tags :D

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[mod says] Welcome to Fluther! To answer your question: Using languages other than English to tag is against the rules. You could still technically do it, but your question would probably be sent back to you for editing. What's more, it just doesn't make sense if you consider how Fluther's tags work. I’m going to include an example from the guidelines to illustrate:

‘Tagging with synonyms – if you have a post about marijuana, is it helpful to tag it with “pot”, “grass”, “dope”? The short answer is “no”. We alias topics so matching will still work with any single topic. [...] When trying to pick which synonym to use please use the most popular or most recognized term (use your best judgment—“marijuana” or perhaps “cannabis” in this case).’

So, even using all the synonyms available in English usually doesn’t improve the system’s ability to match your question to older threads or users who might want to answer it. Synonyms from other languages wouldn’t have any followers or related questions at all.

Hope this help. Enjoy your Fluthering!

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@FnuLnu Just to add to @longgone‘s explanation; there aren’t that many questions around here now so most of us will read just about all of the questions and answer those we know something about or are interested in. So the keywords are somewhat less important than they might be on a larger site with hundreds of questions. Also, there is a dictionary of topics that you can choose from which does link your question to related ones on the sidebar if you use them.

Out of curiosity, what is your native language?

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Sí, pero no le digas a nadie.

I mean, uh, no.

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@bob_ Lol~ xÞ

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